25 comments on “★ MARK “The Super Samoan” HUNT || Highlights/Knockouts MMA”

  1. War Child says:

    Sad he decided so late to come to MMA, even sadder Dana’s not using him as
    much as he can at his age now. Stayed in K1 FAR too long based on his
    fighting style there (he used very few kicks, mainly boxing).
    One bad Samoan, with bad intentions.
    Did Struve ever find all the pieces of his jaw for the docs to put back

  2. GhostBlade says:

    Crazy how Bigfoot Silva was able to take Hunt’s punches and not Cormier’s.
    Prime Hunt probably would have knocked out most of the current UFC
    heavyweights let alone the ones from the early 2000s when he was in K-1.

  3. Jimmy Nails says:

    great fighter im a big fan of his

  4. Mike Kollin says:

    I just realized something!!!

    Mark Hunt is an Ass Kicker!!!

  5. HeavyLexer says:

    shame on to stefan struve with his long arms!

  6. Nick K says:

    where is the atomic butt drop?

  7. Toviel Hsu says:

    I have so much respect for this man.

  8. onofre segura bertran says:

    mark hunt vs cain velasques…???

  9. Jonathan William says:

    Fedor >> All.

  10. Brandon Lilly says:

    I would LOVE to see Hunt vs Overeem again. 

  11. zurab shengelia says:

    strange end of video

  12. Neil Belocura says:

    mark is the best so far..surround him with a little better team and
    trainers and he’ll devastate everybody. considering he’s a lil bit old too.
    but on his prime!!! boy he’ll yalls ass. lol!

  13. David Sebastian says:


  14. felonner says:

    really cool
    Hunt is superstar of the world

  15. Nor Easter says:

    It’s always amazing when a fat shit can be such a great athlete,

  16. Dupont Davignon says:

    Seing this video we can think Hunt is the best. Seing his palmares we
    realize he won only 50% of his fights.

  17. bigblueowx says:

    did anyone get the number of that TRUCK!!

  18. Mario Boss says:

    Emelyanenko the best

  19. WizardOfPov says:

    Regardless, Mark Hunt is my personal GOAT. What a fucking warrior! Win,
    Lose, Draw, doesn’t matter.. I will watch all of his fights till the day he
    steps away from fighting.

  20. fran eberling says:


  21. jimmy jay says:

    fake ending that didn’t happen it was draw 

  22. Kastedio says:

    True WARRIOR

  23. Mi laska says:

    Put him in a ring with adlan the borz amagov he will die

  24. Адам Люпен says:

    Мля сильва такая телега тупая)они тока умеют татуировки выбивать на
    телах,на ринге мишки гнилые).Как он еще Федора выйграл?)

  25. Александр Нырков says:

    Человечный боец. Не добивает людей как многие это делают. 

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