8 comments on “★ Michael Page MMA Highlights 2014 – The Reborn of Anderson Silva”

  1. AndersUnlimited says:

    Love to watch him do his things, what a magician he is, good work

  2. Alex Chapmon says:

    Ive seen this guy fight a few times….. He was impressive, …not sure if
    he could fight like this against the top fighters, but if he keeps winning
    we will see soon enough.

  3. YeahBroILift says:

    nice video man ill keep an eye out for him now

  4. xLaChance77 says:

    anderson would fucking destroy this goof

  5. linga42 says:

    Best MVP Highlights video on youtube. 

  6. OTKP says:

    Extremely Gifted Fighter his footwork is unreal it looks like he floating
    but would love to see him be a little more serious and mature a bit before
    stepping up competition.

  7. Martin Kove says:

    he already matured a lot over the past two years..atching his first mma
    fight 2 years ago he was a lot”flasier” back then..he is much more
    collected now, but still flashy enough

  8. Daniel Aparecido Pereira says:

    Gostaria de ver lutar no UFC com os melhores lutadores….

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