9 comments on “★ UFC / MMA Ultimate Top 100 Female Knockouts [1080p]”

  1. Melissa Lilim says:

    tap, snap or nap 

  2. TruePoizon says:

    lmfao at women trying to be like men. they beg for equality yet still
    expect men to pay and be masculine, yet its sexist for men to expect women
    to be feminine. a guy does one thing slightly girlie and he loses all
    mancards, but yet girls can do whatever…gotta love those double
    standards. Girls want manly men, well men (the good ones) want lady like
    ladies (not ones with self esteem issues who regress to organized violence
    like these do. Only typical American guys (jerks and submissive pushovers)
    like these kind of girls. Cant be any wonder why America has the highest
    divorce rate in the world, and why so many American men flock overseas to
    find wives lol.

  3. Loan Xceed says:

    can someone please checkout my ufc montage please

  4. Brandon Niblett says:

    It’s crazy how overrated Ronda Rousey is

  5. Sum Gui says:

    Why did this vid get so many thumbs down? Bunch of phaggots 

  6. Rappa Arrington says:


  7. tesnibbles says:

    who’s the girl at 3:09? she’s good

  8. CutiePieZapZap says:

    Some nice combos in here! Thanks for the compilation!

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