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  1. Nicolina Nilsson says:

    OMG I’m so proud of them!!<3<3 But what was ths Shawols shouts at 3:08?
    LOVE U SHINEE!! <3<3<3<3<3

  2. toto ma says:

    my oppa all cry..specially 2 min, they never cried on stage,
    Jonghyun crying …. I cried a lot, love u all SHINee is best!!!

  3. ryan menik says:

    Congratulations SHINee,,,
    You are the best,,,,
    Your afford make it best in the end,,, love you,,,,

  4. Andrea Castro says:

    OMG seeing them crying is so sad and happy at the same time they have
    worked so hard all these years since their debut they rrally deserve this
    award ‘cuz they were the best…I’m so proud of them and most of all I’m
    really proud SHAWOL!! SHINee fighting!! Love u so much ma boys :’) so happy

  5. Neeko Chan says:

    Not only did SHINee cry..all of us SHAWOL’s cried!!!! Let’s keep on
    supporting SHINee everybody!

  6. Alexandra Amerine says:

    I feel so happy right now. I’m like…sobbing. I’m so proud of them, and
    I’m so proud to be a Shawol…SHINee, Fighting!!!

  7. Tomisha Childs says:

    They have worked so hard. That is real emotion pouring out of them. Minho
    and Taemin never cry. But even they were bawling. Very well deserved. I’m
    sure all the Shawols of the world, cried right along with them. I did. I
    was lucky enough to catch the live stream and I was so happy when they won.
    If you look at Onew you can see the disbelief on his face. So happy for

  8. MultiMia01 says:

    I cried so much!!!!! So proud of them!! They definitely deserve it! So much
    ❤ they are the best thing that has happened to all us Shawols ❤❤

  9. livefortomorrow221 says:

    *group hug shawols* do you see how shocked and humble they still are ? love
    you forever SHINee… and ppl are complaining they cried too much are you

  10. Jada Williams says:

    Just watching this made me wanna cry :’) I.hope u know your American fans
    love you! <3

  11. Viande says:

    Congratulations SHINee! You’ve always worked so hard and I’m happy
    that your hard work pays off. Thank you.

  12. KIRARINFAN says:

    OMG everytime I see this I have to cry.. those hardworking boys deserve it
    sooooo much… I cry for them too~~ T.T MY MAKE UP IS RUINED XD

  13. onlyyoumytaem says:

    Congratulations SHINee, love you five! You deserve this!!! First time
    seeing Taeminie crying from winning an award. Oh God bless them, I’m glad
    they exist as SHINee in my life.

  14. Almira Cleofe says:

    The perfect gift for their 2000th day. I’ve read fanaccounts that mentioned
    that Key and Taemin said they don’t expect anything for MelOn. It breaks my
    heart that they would think like that. But nevertheless, I can’t be more
    proud of these MEN. They’ve worked so hard not just this year but through
    the entirety of their career. They bear to be away from their families just
    so they can tour and go around the world to perform. Countless sleepless
    nights, endless practice hours, skipped meals, blood, sweat and tears have
    all paid off and despite all the success they’ve achieved ever since their
    debut they remain humble and grateful.
    Happy to be part of the SHINee world!

  15. randomnicious says:


  16. Destiny Urbina says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SHINEee on winnig MMA artists of the year! Crying….right
    now….Aww minHo and TaeMAN….still talking about improving and working
    harder. SHINEE Fighting!! and the gorup hug at the end..Key always being an
    umma. HSaranghae SHINee from your Shawols in America

  17. Putri Widyastuti says:

    finally taemin is crying :’) omg i’m also crying while watching this i’m
    proud of you guys i love you so much i can’t hold my tears yes you guys are
    deserve it. al your tiredness payed with this award :’) omg SHINee i love
    you even i’m speechless to right here watching you guys like a mom that

  18. Joanna P. says:

    For the endless hours of work, the sleepless nights filming, the countless
    times they’ve performed, for their millions of fans… Congratulations
    SHINee. You deserve this award! Thank you. For everything. Completing 2000
    days and winning this award must be really overwhelming. I’m wiping tears
    as I write this. Thank you. May God always bless you and keep you safe.
    Here’s to 2000 more days, here’s to many more awards <3

  19. AnimeGrrl03 says:

    Aww!!! Gamsahabnida shinee for all your hard work and for putting a smile
    in the faces of all the Shawols out there! Saranghae!

  20. Fattylay Su says:

    @My dua … Thanks for translation… Really happy for shinee… They are
    so awesome… Fighting…. 🙂

  21. Elaine Yap says:

    This is what every SHAWOL wants… to see SHINee HAPPY and APPRECIATED with
    all their sincere and heartfelt hardwork to make EVERYBODY happy and feel
    appreciated too. Truly, they deserve this… and I know, this will only get
    better, and better, and better! Right, shawols?


  22. nyissa77 says:

    Love you guys even more for this show of tears expressing love, humility, &
    gratitude. You so deserve it, working so hard to do your best at

  23. ThatCrazyGirlNiki says:

    I’m crying so so bad! <3 Jjong and Minho really killed me. And the fans
    shouting "Don't cry!" omo… SHINee really deserves it after their long and
    hard work. I'm so proud of them! <3

  24. My Rùa says:

    SHINee’s speech after winning Artist of the Year award.

    Onew: “I…forgot all that I was going to say. First…uh…uh…Lee Soo
    Man teacher, thank you for all you have done for us. Thank you to our
    families, we will work hard to become a SHINee that is befitting to this
    award. Thank you.

    Jonghyun: Thank you so much, everyone! Thank you SHINee World, until now,
    we have been so thankful and so sorry. We’ll work hard and repay you.
    SMTOWN, thank you and sorry, we will work harder!

    Key: As we have been promoting for 6 years, this is an award we’ve been
    waiting and waiting for, thank you Melon Music Awards for giving us this
    huge award and…(voice breaks)…I actually don’t know if we deserve this
    award, thank you so much.

    Minho: (crying) To our fans, who have journeyed hard with us for the past
    six years, I would like to say thank you once again. Thank you to our
    families who raised us, and SHINee World…thank you!

    Taemin: Really…after receiving this award we will work harder, although
    we are still lacking – we will work hard to fill those points where we are
    lacking and repay [the public], thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you
    so much”

    cr: itsaconspiracy

  25. Syfqh Sam says:

    i’ve never seen key and taem cried aw :”D this memory is priceless. SHINee
    totally deserve the award like they they have worked their ass out uh uh im
    taering. CONGRATS SHINee!! WE LOVE YOU <3

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