11 comments on “131114 SHINee Stage MMA + EXO stage”

  1. Gabi Pereyra says:

    I find it funny to see everyone so into dancing and then… you see Onew
    ”floating” xD

  2. Chris Chan Wai Mun says:


  3. amy lee says:

    No body did the Kim kibum. Choi Minho. Kim jonghyun. Lee jinki. Lee taemin.

  4. Mohd Zulfadzli Rushdi says:

    Lol kai n suho at the end..hahahaha

  5. Kelsea Enriquez says:

    I’m so glad they won Artist of the Year. They really deserve it. <3

  6. Carolina Cuellar says:

    Why is onew not dancing?:(

  7. Lanze Aguilera says:

    SHINee is PERFECT♥ That performance was pretty awesome. 😀

  8. amy lee says:

    @Carolina cuellar. He hurt his neck so…

  9. helloclover76 says:

    My w.s.s ㅜㅜ

  10. Minnie Soshi says:

    [HD] 131114 SHINee Stage MMA + EXO stage

  11. Congtoan Truong says:

    ủa hình như chỉ có 360p ah, đâu fải hd đâu minnie 🙂

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