6 comments on “131115 EXO MMA 관련 뉴스모음”

  1. Elaiza Del Rosario says:

    OMG. So jjang! My babies are awesome! SHINee! EXO!

  2. willieee shineexotic says:

    SHINee and EXO adlskfhadf so happy that both of them won Daesungs this year
    <3 Especially proud of EXO – it's only their second year!

  3. Esther Hwang says:

    Chanyeols kinds like fucking perfect

  4. smartmeohyeah123 says:

    I’m so glad EXO won song of the year FIGHTINGGGGG^^

  5. 예 원 says:

    이유비 존예

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