14 comments on “2012 MMA Knockouts of the Year”

  1. silver222333 says:

    I do understand and welcome the philosophy of fighting sports, BUT hitting the opponent when they are down? Really? What is the reason for all these brutal post-K.O. strikes? I do not expect the fighters to come up and have a cup of tea in the octagon, but doesn’t this unnecessary violence bother the MMA fans?

  2. gen couper says:

    I still dont know whats more shocking about the le vs. franklin ko, the fact that it happened or that le’s fat ass can do any kind of gymnastics. And the idiot in the 3rd fight, the one that looked like a monkey dancing, I will look forward to the day that piece of shit gets ko’d so hard he convulses like a stroke victim.

  3. rometheworldwithme says:

    I hate fighters like page best thing is they will get knocked out showing off like that.

  4. Richard B says:

    props to the ref at 4:51, thats the way to stop a fight, dive on the fighter whos knocked out and the other fighter will stop immediately. When refs try to grab the guy on top he can land 2 or 3 more punches before he realizes the refs trying to stop him and cause unnecessary damage.

  5. sollkeinerwissen11 says:

    3:57 How bad can Ref be?

  6. Vachy111 says:

    I hate this 1:35 …poor black man 🙂

  7. Ouz Ouzman says:

    magnifique j’adore!!!!

  8. powemetal4life says:

    Great video man

  9. itsjussjerry says:

    Good video..the kick to the head was unnecessary, but the ref didn’t stop the fight either..

  10. yeah1110 says:

    Where is siyar bahadurzada knockout on Paulo thiago

  11. polaroidevent says:


  12. bobfromaccounting says:

    You are taught as a fighter or any athlete for that matter to play until the bell/whistle/buzzer. Yes he knocked him down but he did not go fully limp and still had his arms up. He ensured the fight was finished rather than let the guy potentially regain his composure, turtle up and survive until the end of the round.

  13. letsTed says:

    2:37 what a loser, no need to punch his head after knock him out.
    he definitely knew the guy was knocked out

  14. texas4life88 says:

    nice picks

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