24 comments on “21 Year Old Fighter Vs 53 Year Old MMA Fight”

  1. Sebastien Lemay says:

    listen to those MORONS! say THIS IS AWESOME WOW I LOVE THIS THING man both
    should be in jail this is a non sactioned fight illegal by any commission
    and also un-fair weight class 

  2. cloudtoground says:

    looks a bit fake

  3. Riley Wright says:

    Was that Stephen Bonnar 1:42 ?

  4. MainstreamChicksSuck says:

    Those mantits tho

  5. Erik Bentley says:

    Born > 1990s… generation pussy fags

  6. akuma ken says:

    the 53 year old practices against his wife daily after a day of heavy

  7. Daniel Ortiz says:

    dam i didnt mean to wach dis i thot it daid 12 yrs old

  8. akim211 says:

    serious martial arts skill on display here

  9. teamASA says:

    What a joke lol they got zero boxing skills

  10. Johnny B says:

    how is this mma? This is worse than drunk fighting…

  11. Jamaa L says:

    Cross that off the bucket list 

  12. arkine11 says:

    A fat ass beer-bellied old guy beat some kid who works out 5+ days a week,
    and people actually watch MMA? This is one of the lamest “sports” around.

  13. Tyler Spangler says:

    The technique here is amazing

  14. blackjackomfg says:

    Your never to old…

  15. Raul Leon says:

    that guy had 40 pounds on him. these morons have the chin of an 8 year

  16. BizyTomas says:

    You know that one guy who takes stupid drunk ideas too far? yeah they
    definitely have that guy in their circle

  17. Jon Donnis says:

    That is not MMA, thats no better than a gypsy fight, 2 untrained men
    throwing untrained punches, pathetic

  18. CircleofTyrants1220 says:

    Was cool to watch but those punches thrown were weak. Looked more like a
    father vs son sparring match. 

  19. Joakim Joakim says:

    Those guys belong to ufc , amazing techniques the speed the explosiveness
    unbelievable skills top athletes 

  20. Wogsy Kirk says:

    That was the worse fight i have ever seen in my entire life.

    And i have watched Lyoto Machida fights.

  21. bjfdog says:

    I kept waiting for a hockey game to break out…

  22. Rob twoeyehead says:

    The 21 year old had a real big belly

  23. Rizvan Rizvanov says:


  24. mitre991 says:

    Young guy was a pussy with no clue how to fight.

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