21 Year Old Fighter Vs 53 Year Old MMA Fight

21 Year Old Fighter Vs 53 Year Old MMA Fight.

24 comments on “21 Year Old Fighter Vs 53 Year Old MMA Fight”

  1. Sebastien Lemay says:

    listen to those MORONS! say THIS IS AWESOME WOW I LOVE THIS THING man both
    should be in jail this is a non sactioned fight illegal by any commission
    and also un-fair weight class 

  2. cloudtoground says:

    looks a bit fake

  3. Riley Wright says:

    Was that Stephen Bonnar 1:42 ?

  4. MainstreamChicksSuck says:

    Those mantits tho

  5. Erik Bentley says:

    Born > 1990s… generation pussy fags

  6. akuma ken says:

    the 53 year old practices against his wife daily after a day of heavy

  7. Daniel Ortiz says:

    dam i didnt mean to wach dis i thot it daid 12 yrs old

  8. akim211 says:

    serious martial arts skill on display here

  9. teamASA says:

    What a joke lol they got zero boxing skills

  10. Johnny B says:

    how is this mma? This is worse than drunk fighting…

  11. Jamaa L says:

    Cross that off the bucket list 

  12. arkine11 says:

    A fat ass beer-bellied old guy beat some kid who works out 5+ days a week,
    and people actually watch MMA? This is one of the lamest “sports” around.

  13. Tyler Spangler says:

    The technique here is amazing

  14. blackjackomfg says:

    Your never to old…

  15. Raul Leon says:

    that guy had 40 pounds on him. these morons have the chin of an 8 year

  16. BizyTomas says:

    You know that one guy who takes stupid drunk ideas too far? yeah they
    definitely have that guy in their circle

  17. Jon Donnis says:

    That is not MMA, thats no better than a gypsy fight, 2 untrained men
    throwing untrained punches, pathetic

  18. CircleofTyrants1220 says:

    Was cool to watch but those punches thrown were weak. Looked more like a
    father vs son sparring match. 

  19. Joakim Joakim says:

    Those guys belong to ufc , amazing techniques the speed the explosiveness
    unbelievable skills top athletes 

  20. Wogsy Kirk says:

    That was the worse fight i have ever seen in my entire life.

    And i have watched Lyoto Machida fights.

  21. bjfdog says:

    I kept waiting for a hockey game to break out…

  22. Rob twoeyehead says:

    The 21 year old had a real big belly

  23. Rizvan Rizvanov says:


  24. mitre991 says:

    Young guy was a pussy with no clue how to fight.

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