24 comments on “25 Awkward MMA moments”

  1. Pawel CopaKielce says:

    Saparbek Safarov from Russia (left) and Tomasz Narkun from Poland (right)

  2. mmadigest says:

    Thanks, lol, I had to do the same.

  3. killarmy75 says:

    “…I want to fuck… I want to fight with Chuck here. Fu Chuck.”

  4. CommodoreUnderScore says:

    This is a great compilation. It got to a point here I had to look away from my screen for a while because it got really awkward at times .

  5. qverAful says:

    Wow I had to actually skip few for being so awkward.

  6. pantherfandan90 says:

    lol edbassmaster

  7. killarmy75 says:

    Ariel Helwani is a fag.

  8. killarmy75 says:

    it wasn’t just that, mark hominick too.

  9. killarmy75 says:

    That last guy is a retard. This video was 5000 yesterday, now it’s 15000

  10. mmadigest says:

    Definitely, no problem, thanks for watching.

  11. mmadigest says:

    Thanks man. Looks like a couple fighters from M-1 Russia but not sure of their names.

  12. chrisgsauce says:

    7:00 hahaha edbassmaster!! Great video

  13. laatjelekkerlikken says:

    The last one is epic…

  14. prizim says:

    wtf diego sanchez is all hopped up on pain pills

  15. uttamrshethia says:

    the george st pierre’s “HI” after a long pause literally made me cry laughing….

  16. Thome90 says:

    thats renato laranja…..

  17. Sinister Milkman says:


  18. Hugh Mannity says:

    Who were those last two fighters? lmao. Great vids keep them coming.

  19. Sefrios says:

    Hahahaha “I want to fuck!……I want to fight with Chuck!……fight chuck….”

  20. Jon Aguilar says:

    I can’t get over Josh Koscheck wanting to motorboat GSP. hahah

  21. gibememoni says:

    more years…….more rewards

  22. killarmy75 says:

    Ariel Helwani is wack.

  23. 1970HardCharger says:

    what a creep Mr Bender!

  24. JueputaGuebon says:

    Is that Jorge Santiago hitting on Cyborg?

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