10 comments on “3 Basic Ways To Counter Roundhouse Kicks | Kickboxing MMA TMA (Kwonkicker)”

  1. Fernando Carmo says:

    What to do to counter a fast sliding low kick?

  2. HerroDawg270 says:

    awesome counters! Timings never been my strong point during spars so im
    worried i wont be quick enough, but ill practice!

  3. Shovon Rahman says:

    hey kwon. any advice for tkd practitioner for fighting against kyoshin
    karate. i mean in karate rules. there is a full contact karate will be held
    in my country. and anyone can fight there….so care for some advice? i
    mean if i fight next year what can i do before a couple of monthes of that

  4. Jonas Erik Barreto says:

    Great video!

  5. Victor Alubale says:

    this is goodstuff guys, but could you do more stuff for southpaws?

  6. Adam sky says:

    A how to counter lee sin

  7. Jeff Gibson says:

    Good stuff. You better be quick and have your timing down.

  8. Droga Shabu says:

    Do some tutorial how to counter clinch

  9. Saven Vongthachack says:


  10. MrChrisgabber says:

    In the last seconds I thaught they are some hip hop guys.This is the
    strategie yo 😀

    Nice video.

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