3 Basic Ways To Counter Roundhouse Kicks | Kickboxing MMA TMA (Kwonkicker)

This is a tutorial demonstrating 3 basic ways to counter roundhouse and round kicks that your opponent throws at you. This tutorial is useful for various types of Kickboxing, MMA, TMA or other…

10 comments on “3 Basic Ways To Counter Roundhouse Kicks | Kickboxing MMA TMA (Kwonkicker)”

  1. Fernando Carmo says:

    What to do to counter a fast sliding low kick?

  2. HerroDawg270 says:

    awesome counters! Timings never been my strong point during spars so im
    worried i wont be quick enough, but ill practice!

  3. Shovon Rahman says:

    hey kwon. any advice for tkd practitioner for fighting against kyoshin
    karate. i mean in karate rules. there is a full contact karate will be held
    in my country. and anyone can fight there….so care for some advice? i
    mean if i fight next year what can i do before a couple of monthes of that

  4. Jonas Erik Barreto says:

    Great video!

  5. Victor Alubale says:

    this is goodstuff guys, but could you do more stuff for southpaws?

  6. Adam sky says:

    A how to counter lee sin

  7. Jeff Gibson says:

    Good stuff. You better be quick and have your timing down.

  8. Droga Shabu says:

    Do some tutorial how to counter clinch

  9. Saven Vongthachack says:


  10. MrChrisgabber says:

    In the last seconds I thaught they are some hip hop guys.This is the
    strategie yo 😀

    Nice video.

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