25 comments on “431 Pound Weight Difference In MMA Fight”

  1. jackie mehoff says:

    Atleast they both have something in common, they both cant see their penis.

  2. le Satisfied Elvis says:

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  3. Sreek Menon says:

    No prize for guessing who won this one.. But..

  4. xamphor says:

    Largest athelete apparently… Forgot about the entirety of sumo, but, you
    know, whatever.

  5. Daniel James says:

    This is a mockery of the sport…what a joke…

  6. Jay Semiz says:

    “stop moving so i can squish you”

  7. Jordan Taylor says:

    Whats the black guys name?

  8. Justo Rios III says:

    Oh mah Gawd

  9. sporty3003 says:

    The Mountain vs. The Red Viper

  10. Th3Freestyler says:

    GTA V sent me here

  11. MrUndead2468 says:

    i felt really bad for the big guy he looked deppressed and like he was
    being laughed at like it was a freakshow

  12. KVteam360 says:

    Why do you hate on the black guy? He’s just bulking it’s all good.

  13. dewhicular says:

    Is that Denzel Washington?

  14. stickdiggler says:

    the big guy doesnt look in shape at all, he looks obese his stamina has got
    to be absolute shit

  15. Brandon Lisik says:

    Dude needs to watch Big Country’s fights.

  16. Johnny Luna says:

    Insert crying laughing emoji.

  17. porche4312 says:

    That one commentator sounds like a dying sheep.

  18. Flurryisaniceword says:

    Every time the asian guy hits the black guy’s expression is like “u w0t

  19. Anatrolly says:

    mcdonalds warrior

  20. will says:

    I’ve never seen someone sweat so much just from standing.

  21. HoodedMan7890 says:

    This is how it looks like when i play with my 5 years younger brother.

  22. MisterPikol says:

    Who the fuck allowed this fight ? lol

  23. Brahdolf Kitler says:

    Murica vs all Asians

  24. Barbara Wainwright says:

    amazing to watch! should have tried some kicks to the leg.

  25. Eder Chedar says:

    I mean, just dance around the fat one till it gets winded or hungry.

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