24 comments on “5 Dumbest Rules in MMA”

  1. Flun Dinger says:

    “PRIDE did away with this system and had far less judging controversies.”

    Um, holy fuck no, they sure as shit DID NOT. This is the wrongest thing in
    the history of wrongness.

  2. samme79 says:

    Also, I really like the Pride rules better..

  3. TJJ319 says:

    Did you even try to find out why head kicks to a downed oppent is banned?
    You brought up pride which makes no sense. Getting kicked in the head up
    against a CAGE is different then getting kicked in the head up against
    Then you SUUUUUPER cherry pick a couple bad decisions to shit on the 10
    points must system.
    I still don’t understand why being able to grab your own shorts is a bad
    Should the referee a just the fighters shorts in between rounds if they
    can’t grab them?

  4. samme79 says:

    Alright new montage!

  5. T00N says:

    Pride MMA had it right, I miss those days

  6. UARAF16 says:

    Loving the new narrator.

  7. Flun Dinger says:

    FORMER UFC Champion Jon Jones.

  8. J2DaRockbaby says:

    Love your videos. Please don’t stop. 

  9. Stephen Murphy says:

    silly rule that they didn’t just hand the belt to conor when he entered the

  10. Yomoska says:

    Downwards elbows were banned because the commission was afraid of people
    being elbowed straight into the eye, the ice thing is a myth.

  11. Toxicgummy Bear says:

    Narration +1!

  12. Jonathon Warrigton says:

    Much better commentator/narrator guy, keep it up

  13. PikkonKilla says:

    FORMER UFC Champion Jon Jones.

  14. Chris Conway says:

    King in the North!!!!!!

  15. jess maynard says:

    Great work as always. I didn’t even know about the grabbing your own trunks
    being legal. I have bitched about it several times. I now know why the refs
    allowed it.

  16. Munoz Loza says:

    Amazing videos man. Keep it up :).

  17. Jordan Hatton says:


  18. sanju singh says:

    Einstein said:
    “Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The
    mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow
    blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his
    opinions courageously and honestly.”

    In short, Einstein said; Conor is great and the people that oppose him are
    mediocre morons.

  19. Harry Watts says:

    Anyone know the guy at 2:44 with the head kick KO kinda looks like a
    smaller James Irvin I’ve never seen that knockout before

  20. Kuzlica says:

    America is too pussy for real fighting and to dumb also.

  21. TheVJProduction says:

    bring back soccer kick. one of the coolest strike ever, even the name is

  22. y2ace says:

    The kicks and knees to the head of a downed opponent aren’t for the safety
    of the fighters, but rather because those strikes look particularly more
    vicious to the public. UFC wanted to avoid any additional backlash and
    kicks the head of a downed opponent are an easy thing to let go of.

  23. James McComb says:

    I must agree…some of theses rules are pretty stupid… [# 1 comment!}

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