25 comments on “5 Rounds on Henderson vs. Thomson, Grappling & Striking Trends in MMA, UFC 169 & More”

  1. bulldoggrrr says:

    People are complaining about every fight that ends in decision lately. It’s
    getting to be a “boy who cried wolf” kinda thing. I even said “I’ll bet
    there is a split decision” at the end because it was just sooo close. A
    good fight but cmon its not like Josh had a dominant showing. Anyone who
    doesn’t see that close fights go either way hasn’t been watching. There
    have been some terrible judges decisions lately, this wasn’t one of em. It
    was just a close fight, period. (btw I had it for Thompson 3 rds to 2) 

  2. peter griffen says:

    Thomson won, close fight though.. Benderson putting up his strike count
    with the cafe kicks… Both fighters have bad boxing but Thompson has an
    excuse and has shown quality boxing before.. He would be a better option
    to fight petits.

  3. HydroBud98 says:

    Jeremy Stephens vs. the winner of Bermudez vs. Hettis if Stephens and the
    matchmakers are willing to wait 7 weeks to see who wins. If not then maybe
    Stephens vs. Siver? I also want to see
    Cole Miller vs. Max Holloway

  4. jeff pope says:

    faber wont win its a title fight cmon you guys should know that by now

  5. Jamie Baker says:

    John Ramdeen’s descriptions of things are “absolutely phenomenal” 

  6. Ares Taylor says:

    I wanted to see Henderson lose but with Thomson’s hand injury he just
    couldn’t do what he wanted to do. Henderson won the fight time to move on.

  7. Laimondasss says:

    the judging is bullshit, close fights like these should be a draw or given
    more raounds to determine the winner cause no man was beat.

  8. HydroBud98 says:

    Henderson vs. Nurmagomedov
    Melendez vs. Grant
    Lauzon vs. Diaz
    Miller vs. Green
    Cerrone vs. Barboza
    Ferguson vs. Cruickshank
    Masvidal vs. Castillo
    Stout vs. Njokuani
    Krause vs. Martins
    Chiesa vs. Nijem
    Noons vs. Dariush
    Maynard vs. Healy?
    Dunham vs. Wiman? or Dunham vs. Healy and Maynard vs. Wiman? or Maynard vs.
    Dunham and Wiman vs. Healy?

  9. 792bnz says:

    @sheba1sheba1 robin black is the man and I meant no disrespect. I hold him
    on the same level as Luke Thomas and that should say everything. He is a
    great, great analyst. I was just a little disappointed they missed that
    point. Otherwise, Robin is f#cken AWESOME!

  10. Dannynorw says:

    miocivic is not even a full time fighter, be sure to mention that. And in
    this fight he actulaly looked abit more sloppy in the fysiqe.. Bright
    future for him.

  11. Elliot Lees says:

    Urijah Faber is one of my favourite fighters, i respect him a lot for
    stepping up to face P4P top 10 on 4 weeks notice :)

  12. muaythai white says:

    benson can´t finish a guy how broke his hand = benson is a fucking weak
    little bitch

  13. Lopata991 says:

    If Lamas can win 3rd round, he can win the fight. If he checks kicks and
    scores a takedown early on it’s a easy fight. Aldo Gasses in 3rd round,
    especially if he is on his back defending. But like Robin said ”Who is
    Lamas?” we have really seen so little about him, that it’s hard to say.
    If you ask me Aldo is the most beatable champion is ufc currently in my
    opinion. He just didn’t look great vs Jung. 

  14. Pecid says:

    Team Alpha Male going down

  15. jim bob says:

    Robin black and John Ramdeen have really grown on me, best mma show going
    in my opinion.

  16. Dr Danko says:

    Love this show!

  17. TheCTEnterprises says:


  18. Truone1980 says:

    Get a shirt that fits Ramdeen your to fat for that size, and grow your
    beard back- it makes you look slimmer…just saying, but you guys do
    sacrifice your body for our our entertainment you should both make
    millions…. :I

  19. Don Rusk says:

    Fuck Benson and fuck Descion fighters borring as fuck ill never pay to see

  20. pewpewetc says:

    Thomson is better than bendo…and if he didnt break his hand in r1 we
    would have seen him finish bendo. bendo couldnt finish thomson even though
    he was fighting with 1 arm for 4 rounds. Thomson deserves his title shot
    against pettis more than anyone else and that is just a fact…

  21. windsor laser says:

    You were surprised that Gonzaga gassed? That’s like being surprised that
    water is wet.

  22. prfctstrngrz says:

    Thompson won`t retire. Lots of fighters make these same claims after losing
    a big fight. After watching the replay, he may come to his senses that it
    could have gone either way. However, depending on how badly broken his hand
    is, he could be out for more than a year.

    Am glad that Bruce Leroy beat young Petis. Let the kid pay a few dues
    before ascending too quickly on the coat tails of his brother. MacDonald
    would likely be the next matchup for Caceres for a spot in the top 5 or 6.
    I didn`t realizr that he had dropped 2 full weight classes since appearing
    on TUF as a lightweight.

  23. Petar Ellis says:

    Henderson won. There’s no controversy what so ever.

  24. Martin Pagon says:

    dude hd an awesome beard

  25. XProjectBluebeamX says:

    barao decision , aldo 3rd or 4th rnd k.o, overeem 2nd rnd k.o

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