25 comments on “5 Rounds on Understanding MMA Judging, Firas Zahabi, Jon Jones, Demian Maia, Jerin Valel & More”

  1. Edin Pandzic says:

    I like Damien’s idea…

  2. jeff pope says:

    so much dispute about the gsp fight but everyone is forgetting the secret
    rule that champ always takes a close decision and if its up to the first
    round you give it to the champ. i dont agree with that rule but its been
    around since boxing

  3. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Firas had some good points and bad points, I agree same day weigh ins
    should be how it’s done.

    I think he is dead wrong about one round though. IMO there should be 5 x 3
    minute rounds with 30 second breaks. Judging 5 minutes is too hard, think
    about how much happens in 5 minutes. It’s alot easier to say who won 3
    minutes then 5, if judges had to pick a winner after 25 minutes it’d be
    horrible, what if you win 20 minutes and then lose the last 5?

    Also the system doesn’t need to change, the judges just need to start
    giving 10-8, 10-7, 10-6 and even 10-5 rounds if they almost kill the guy.

  4. Bornin Arkham says:

    Firas is 100% right. Fighters cut massive amount of weight to gain an
    advantage and fight out of their natural weight class. GSP is the prime
    example of this. More than any other champion, he fights out of his weight
    class. Hendricks was the first person to match GSP’s strength.
    I would love to see same day weigh ins.

  5. Edin Pandzic says:

    people who think hendricks won need to just gtfo….GSP beat him in all
    aspects of mma….its not about who bruised more lol….

  6. Devin Michell says:

    The who won the round after every round is stupid! the fighter should just
    go out and fight like they are losing every round. If this rule is passed
    in the future you will see great fighters who see that they are winning 2
    rounds and its round 3 in a 3 round fight the “great” fighter might try to
    “just contain” the challanger.
    This is my personal opinion

  7. Tom Wilson says:

    Firas helps train gsp. Saying fighters shouldn’t cut more then than twenty
    lbs is funny BC gsp cuts over 20lbs to fight at ww lol

  8. datDANK says:


  9. Joseph Doherty says:

    and you get another canadian to voice his opinion.(jeren valel)…come on.
    Lets not rename the show 5 rounds on GSP, Firas, Tri star, Canada and

  10. Banana Blast says:

    Recently Robin seems a bit pompous this show was better before. 

  11. IHACKER316 says:

    Brilliant episode

  12. Youngster543210 says:

    butchered marathon.

  13. mmawilldesha says:

    You guys are spot on with your opinions on fan bias in the cases of GSP and
    Jones people for some reason have this idea that MMA and fighting in
    general is a beauty contest and the person with the prettiest face wins.
    When you look at other combat sports you will never hear some of these
    arguments coming from the fans. It bothers me when I see just how ignorant
    some of these “fans” are when it comes to the sport. 

  14. Eric Mathews says:

    There is a simple solution to GSP Hendricks. They need to fight again to
    settle it. Done. 

  15. mattroosters says:

    Johny Hendricks won that fight. Gsp got his ass kicked. period.

  16. Crazy4Tediz . says:

    ramdeen is coming off MORE AND MORE biased… he sets up his arguments
    and topics like a fox reporter… im starting to dislike him more and more

  17. 44cspence says:

    Johny walks around at 205-215, GSP 185 max. Same day weigh ins would have
    killed them. GSP 1,3,5

  18. Case Morg says:

    Firas is a genius

  19. Kasper Ancher says:

    I know you guys like GSP, but Hendricks had more effective striking in
    first round with these elbows to the head. GSP had pretty good control that
    round but when he dosnt get to do anything with it, he should have lost the
    round. I mean he almost had a submission, but didnt get it, he almost hit
    Hendricks with some heavy strikes but he didnt.

  20. rahowhero says:

    fuckers keep accusing people of using wrong scoring criteria – bollocks,
    they just apply them better (the same criteria), why cant u feckers accept

  21. thebraininsideahead says:

    my computer even has a bios too .

  22. gabos says:

    Firas is on point in his comments. I agree totally in everything he said. I
    don’t think calling out the round winner is a good idea. They tried it in a
    local event but they found the guys that were up two rounds and knew it,
    would coast the last round instead of going for the finish. I’m glad it’s
    being discussed though, mma needs a shake up with new rules and scoring.

  23. ivantigaisha says:

    man good I found this show!! good job guys!!

  24. Brian Martinez says:

    Gsp won hendricks taps in the first round.

  25. blaze556922 says:

    Have loved this show in the past but am very let down by the opinions
    expressed lately. The biggest problem with the scoring and judging in MMA
    are morons, hate to say, just like the hosts of this show, that don’t think
    damage is the most important part of a fight! The reason two human beings
    fight is to Inflict Damage on their opponent. A strike is FAR superior to a
    takedown, trip, clinch, sub attempt, etc. if no DAMAGE comes from it! If,
    as a fighter, judge, commentator, or coach, that basic principle eludes
    you, then get the FUCK out of the fight business! You ALL admit the scoring
    is flawed yet continue to support these shitty decisions! You guys, not
    just Ramdeen anymore, try and play both sides and its really getting on my
    nerves! Either you support change or you support the current (FUCKED UP)
    rules that favor boring fighters who stall, lay and pray, delivering no
    action, and going the “distance.” Grow some balls and take a stand one way
    or another!

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