19 comments on “5 Rounds with Dr. David Klonsky on the Psychology of MMA, Mark Bocek on Bendo vs. Thomson & More”

  1. kopxpert says:

    Agree with Bocek but Robin is right too. Benson might be able to control
    the big picture of the fight but Josh may edge in the “small details”.
    Fascinating fight hopefully entertaining too

  2. Danon Hart says:

    This show should be on spike tv 

  3. Petri Rendi says:

    Ramdeen ABSOLUTELY loves to say ABSOLUTELY 

  4. ziongite says:

    Porn is the most immoral thing you can think of. What a load of shit.

    Any normal male would look at naked women and like it. That isn’t the most
    immoral thing in the world. It’s called nature. Also while I like UFC it’s
    pretty obvious that seeing a fight where blood is running all over a guys
    face is far worse than seeing two people have sex for fuck sake. How stupid
    are these so called doctors.

  5. Lopata991 says:

    I would really like to see Cruz vs minotauro nogueira and count which
    fighter gets injured more times. :D

  6. Edgar Chicas says:

    MMA taught me that the mental game is a huge factor in life. Not just in
    MMA but on everything.

  7. Alex Soares says:

    So the psychologist just pointed out the obvious and didnt say anything
    interesting at all

  8. david maltais says:

    that psychologist should meet up with lucian bute…

  9. Mikey Bernabe says:

    3:29 he messed up Uriah Hall not Urijah Faber lol

  10. peka400 says:

    Love the bendo Thompson matchup I’m picking bendo as a favourite but
    Thompson has great power andcould lure him in with some hard shots

  11. Dalai Lama says:

    Very illuminating discussion. Powerful Dr. David Klonsky.

  12. Thanos Thetitan says:

    plenty of guys aren’t scared when they get in there. this isn’t applied to
    everyone. Like all things this is relative.

  13. Awesome McAwesome says:

    John “ABSOLUTELY” Ramdeen!!

  14. AllHailThaKing says:

    Thank you robin loved how you broke down the TJ fight

  15. Lopata991 says:

    Robin’s shirt is always on another level, where do you buy these :)?

  16. rambopally23 says:

    He ment urijah hall not faber.

  17. mx6dave says:

    Really liked listening to David Klonsky talk about the mental side of
    fighting. Really interesting stuff.

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