25 comments on “600lbs Sumo Vs 169lbs MMA Fighter – KTFOvideos”

  1. ishtiak albi says:

    lol nigga look like he fell asleep on his leg

  2. Mos Eisley says:

    The Viper and the Mountain.

  3. Kai Zers says:

    “Smough vs Ornstein”

  4. Jason says:

    Shadow of the Colossus! I knew the 17th Colossus existed!!! 

  5. Yuri Kogyt says:

    яб лучше сразу упал чем сним битса

  6. JoeydeLeon says:

    lol. its like america vs japan

  7. netheright says:

    the guys not even circling him, hes just caught in his orbit.

  8. Luis Mancilla says:

    Easiest fight ever!!!

  9. Tony Borda says:

    This is like a freaking boss battle!

  10. CubicSquareCylinder says:

    Has anyone pointed out that the Japanese guy actually weighs 220lbs?

  11. Tikka Styles says:

    This was so funny

  12. Connor Elwood says:

    Wish the sumo wrestler won that

  13. Luis Alvarez Caballero says:

    XDDD esto es imposible esta loco !!

  14. Monty Lawless says:

    Now all we need is David Attenborough to narrate this.

  15. Adam S says:

    толстяк жжжжет

  16. TheColorblindpony says:

    i keep picturing that guy making generic out of breath fat person noises

  17. Peter Helstrup Jensen says:

    If the mma fighter was allowed for elbow strikes to the sumo mans face at
    4:10 and beyond. He would probably have won very fast by knockout. An elbow
    (or multiple) to the temple is far too dangerous for any entertainment
    sport though.
    mma != street fight. This is why i dislike these “this martial art vs this
    martial art”… yea but under which rules? 

  18. RSX type S mobbin says:

    I like how the announcers said “yeah dont evan go for the thighs,just go
    straight for the knees”!hahhaa

  19. James Taggert says:

    fatso vs agile

  20. Daddy Pls says:

    I liked Keith’s fight better

  21. Noah Johnson says:

    I don’t think that guy is meaning to circle around him I think he’s just
    caught in that dudes orbit

  22. Sabie Tarasi says:

    how to make a Lebanese pita from rice ? 4:06 

  23. Ben Knight says:

    prize must’ve been a pretty big bucket of chicken

  24. Artur Kkk says:

    ooo fuck .. Chocodzilla

  25. Ecnfl says:

    this is retarded he should just knock him the FUCK OUT

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