25 comments on “700 lb. Fat Guy vs 170 lb. MMA Fighter”

  1. ViralSpace says:

    Awesome Playlist of videos! check out!

  2. Michael Jeffrey says:

    2:49 funniest comment ever!

  3. Matt Bonnell says:

    Never seen anything like that before….. WTF did I just watch?

  4. mrdan24 says:

    It’s like being choked with a blob of jello. If the fat guy had smothered
    the small guy. But he was punching him very hard in the face, knees and
    arms. The poor fat dude was tired and couldn’t move. 

  5. DaveFreezeTV23 says:

    It’s the fat guy from the Police Academy movies.

  6. Alex Johnson says:

    that was way too intense. just the though of him possibly just falling on
    him if he hadn’t been lucky.

  7. Sulliver Vittles says:

    This isn’t “700 lb out of shape guy vs. 170 lb MMA wrestler”. Yarburough is
    a Sumo Wrestler, so he is amazingly in shape, but he does have a large body
    mass because that is what Sumo Wrestlers strive for. He is probably
    healthier and more successful than most of the people in this comment

  8. Евгений says:

    fast food is very very bad!))

  9. Nikolaj Toft Holm says:

    4:18 d!ck hug!! Nom nom nom nom!

  10. filimaykelwarnes says:

    HA HA HA very funny 4:20 please don´t eat me!!!

  11. Ramiro Galletti says:

    you know if the fat guy standed near a corner an waithing the little guy
    would have to get close so he would have to sping and triying to cacth-him

  12. fraydie freedman says:

    Brown guy is super fat

  13. Faraz A. says:

    Next time, try to catch him. You finally got a hold of him and you couldn’t
    close the deal. This is a lesson. Don’t be overweight. 

  14. SoulMan786 says:


  15. tione95 says:

    Lechi Curbanov.. good 

  16. Ewan Williams says:

    I was genuinely scared for the little guy!

  17. Mann manav says:

    sahi haiiiiiiiiiiiii

  18. mohdamiruddin sulaiman says:

    if bob from tekken can do it so do the the fat guy

  19. Jason Webb says:

    Reminded me of Clay Guida vs Gray Maynard with all that running

  20. Ezhno [Graphiste] says:

    Hey, what’s the intro music ?

  21. jason reyes says:

    lol the chinese guys sucks why he didnt fight the fat guy toe to toe he
    keeps on running what a fuckin shame

  22. Sammy Hamed says:

    Would you go toe to toe with his fat ass probably not.

  23. AKD says:

    What is the name of the fat guy? Does anybody knows it.

  24. chambers712 says:

    At least Keith Hackney took the fight to him instead of running around in
    circles not engaging.
    This fight is from pride 3.
    Emmanuel Yarborough also fought at UFC 3 against Hackney

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