25 comments on “Acer – MMA vs Ryung – TvT – Axiom vs Acer – Star Station – StarCraft 2”

  1. Yuri Roque says:

    Terran is such a boring race -.-

  2. Deus7447 says:

    I prefer ZvT.

  3. Skizzaable Twelve Kay says:

    Am i the only one who loves TvT more than any other matchup?

  4. artigper1 says:

    Husky, you will have something to tell your grandchildren: Death animations are not like what they used to be. Oh you should have seen those Starcraft 2 death animations!

  5. DominatorSC2 says:

    I never thought I’d live to see the day when Husky uses “circle jerk” in a cast lol

  6. Andreas seljeset says:

    yeah but it wouldn’t affect the rank would it?
    i can’t choose who i will go against 😀

  7. David Melo says:

    wtf? Maybe the other player played against more skilled opponents.

  8. s0m30n3el5e says:

    obvious troll is obvious

  9. s0m30n3el5e says:

    remember back in the old days when T v T was really long and boring

  10. Andreas seljeset says:

    can some one explain this plz?
    you know in starcraft when you have to play 5 ranked games to get ranked. And you win 4 and lose 1 and get bronze and another player that win 1 and lose 4 gets higher ranked?

  11. ASK1989 says:


  12. dingo23451 says:

    Get outa here idra.

  13. Miniijonny says:

    I think that if they do shower together and eat out the same bowl, its probably best they aren’t related 😛

  14. Starwrathful says:

    Though personally I get the joke, if a unit is too good as terran another terran might be forced to do the same thing because it can be overpowered against everything else terran could do. Kind of like how mutalisks (with zerglings) work in ZvZ. They even buffed the spore crawler to try to help with it and are still working on it because they’re so overpowered at this point in a match with fairly equal skill doing anything else just puts you at a disadvantage.

  15. ClockworkGidget says:

    Did he really call an orbital command, an oracle? 😮

  16. Igos182 says:

    this game was funny)

  17. TheNoId3a says:

    w ww.facebook.com/pages/No-Idea/610509412294429?hc_location=stream

  18. pluckygritty24 says:

    Husky earns over $250k per year from youtube views alone, on a conservative estimate of $2.50 per 1000 views, 150k views eventuating for 2 videos a day. Then of course Husky will be getting sponsorships, pay for tournament earnings, and I imagine other payments. All in all, mad respect. That’s 1% stuff.

  19. HydroGlobus says:

    The player with the first Medivac wins.

  20. GLRaema says:

    i guess he spends too much time with TB

  21. megadude86 says:

    Hah! Gaaaay!

  22. Retrosicotte says:

    That last stand at his base against MMA’s army while waiting for the reinforcements was just awesome. Amazing game.

  23. themuteone s says:

    Well this proves zerg Op. 😛

  24. 020brandon says:

    Thanks for ruining it for me -_-

  25. 020brandon says:


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