21 comments on “Acer Scarlett: “I have to kill bugs for MMA in the team house””

  1. raqyee says:

    Fuck me, such a lovable personality.

  2. DarkFlameZealot says:

    Nooo, she likes RTZ. He is so bad :/

  3. Max Jedrziewski says:

    hahahaha the innovation comments

  4. Tidalx says:

    teamliquid confirmed fag enablers

  5. maynard says:

    how many times is she gonna pull her shirt

  6. Bjarne Dehn says:

    “Denmark is just Germany”…. oh Hot_Bid you just went full retard on that!

  7. Arcturus Mengsk says:

    does she ever take off that shirt

  8. Keldorn87 says:

    Why did Stephano change his name to Scarlett? :/

  9. Dmitri Liu says:

    TaeJa and MMA sound kinda hysterical. 

  10. lokes meilán says:

    dont ask her, shes just a girl

  11. ExteriorLikeFishEggs says:

    “We’ll be done in 5 minutes”

  12. Vain4223 says:

    Scarlett isn’t the awkward one tbh.

  13. BrandCAG says:

    Limestone City represent!

  14. Fahr3nhite says:

    mosquitos do not require blood to survive

  15. hemptime123 says:

    I would bang her so hard.

  16. grumpythepenguin says:

    Hey “new muta build” is insane – transition straight to brood lords.

  17. TheNewAlias says:

    Yo she’s looking good doe lol

  18. MrTime2Spare says:

    Sc2 would not be the same without Scarlett, thank you for being such an
    amazing member of our community!

  19. Aaron Godwin says:

    scarlett such a beautiful man 

  20. Nikolai C says:

    you can clearly see she has new built up confidence after getting to know
    the people. 

  21. HiddenWen says:

    Hoi sin LOL. Hoi sin sauce xD.

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