24 comments on “Actor Dean Cain Talks Love of MMA, Chuck Liddell + Other Guys Who’ve Played Superman”

  1. JESUS MEDINA says:

    Great interview. Dean Cain is always great to see and love that he had Karyn Bryant blushing.

  2. jvoz613 says:

    if they ever did a kingdom come superman in a film, dean should play him.

  3. enyaw86 says:

    he was awesome in criminal minds

  4. Swishah says:

    Dean Cain is cool but he fell off

  5. kreed82 says:

    Great interview, I esp like the part when u asked him about his opinion on the last 3 incarnations of superman.Some might say sour grapes but he was on point with his critique except with calling MOS dark it really wasnt..Karyn one question, if micheal jai white was there why no interview with him?

  6. Jack Roberts says:

    Thank you for this Karyn, Dean Cain is awesome!

  7. Dr Grinspoon says:

    Good man

  8. josephthemighty says:

    Dude please go away. You leave nothing but idiotic comments on mma videos and no one cares.

  9. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    No, his brother was actually named Velasquez

  10. john morgan says:

    Lol awkward at the end. Being the camera man is your husband lol!

  11. firecrakka says:

    When I read the title I was all like… Chuck Liddell is playing Superman?

  12. philipee32 says:

    I could drop dean cain.

  13. philipee32 says:

    No but cain use to have a bother named abel.

  14. valofalconery says:

    This guy just doesn’t age! seems like a cool guy. great interview Karyn

  15. PMD RODNEY says:

    Dean Cain is awesome! Great interview Karyn

  16. codeman95291 says:

    He looks like Scott Peterson lol he even played him in a movie

  17. Imightberiding says:

    Karyn; first of all, good on you for this unexpected interview. Second, although not the least, you would make a much prettier & smarter Lois Lane.

    Well done. I’m always pleasantly surprised by your uploads of videos that are both refreshing & interesting. The recent Lou Reed upload (although vintage) is a grand example.

    As a result of your personal savvy, professionalism, intellect & good sense, you made this interview with Dean Cain both watchable & interesting.

    Again, good on you.

  18. Ramza Sheperd says:

    117 years old is how old Dumbledore is. Coincidence?

  19. elheadkickio says:

    I’ve loved all of your actor interviews. Much more interesting than what you see on the late night talk shows.

  20. ThumbdownMan says:

    Dean Cain is cain’s brother?

  21. SNEAKSLOK says:

    Im jealous karyn . . .

  22. El Jim says:

    Did I just watch an interview with Dean Cain and found him pleasant, relaxed and interesting? Somewhat charming even..?

    Great job guys.

  23. john bachak says:

    Seems like a nice guy.

  24. clachifer says:

    Would’ve been the most hilarious thing if at some point he ripped open his shirt and there was the blue superman outfit :P then picked up Karyn and flew away…

    Last part would’ve been tricky, laws of physics and all…

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