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  1. Matt Mangrum says:

    Floyd will fight this last fight on his contract. then once he goes 49-0 He
    will sign a contract to fight for HBO and Rematch Pacman, so he can beat
    Rocky Marciano’s record.

    That’s a first comment!Bold!
    MMA Digest you da boss! Keep it up brother!

  2. RUDGAR RUD says:

    Deontay Wilder is probly boxings last hope to bring some excitment back to

  3. Top10MetalSongs says:

    W. Klitschko has finished 49 of his 63 wins and V. Klitschko has finished
    40 out of 45. How is that outpointing someone? The fights are boring
    because no one can touch them.

  4. diceMEass says:

    mayweather is such a boring fighter…if what he shows is the norms of
    boxing, then boxing bussiness will go down the drain… and Dana has no

  5. Edge Snob says:

    I would gladly pay 100.00 dollar pay per view for Klitschko vs. Velasquez
    just for the comedy of it.

  6. Mortal Kombat Reconciliation says:

    Floyd vs Manny is the last Boxing match I’m buying. Floyd just jabbed and
    ran away from Manny, then when Manny backed Floyd up, Floyd just grabbed
    him and waited for the referee to step in. How is that fighting? That’s
    just a jab and hug competition. Isn’t intentionally grabbing an opponent a
    foul in Boxing? Why didn’t Floyd get a warning after the 50 intentional
    grabs? Floyd put Manny in a headlock 3 or 4 times! Boxing is the worst way
    to prove who is the better fighter. I know MMA has it’s leghumpers, but
    this is a whole different level of trash. The referees are corrupted, the
    judges are corrupted, the skillset is so limited. I’m never watching Boxing

  7. Lindee Mayy says:

    Floyd shits on MMA, yet clinches and dirty box Pacquiao the majority of the
    fight. Did I forget to mention that Floyd also attempted frequent
    submission guillotine chokes on Pacquiao. If there ever was a rematch.
    Please fire Kenny Bayless and hire Tony Weeks instead. A “combination” of
    Floyd and Kenny Bayless equals a biased boring fight.

  8. PnNaTi0n says:

    MMA isn’t always fun to watch… For example, I hate when two people just
    hang on the fence and do nothing or if they are on the ground and aren’t
    really advacing positions or doing anything

  9. Jimmy The Horned God says:

    Thing is, ALL that training Floyd goes through just to dance and avoid any
    real action. I get it. He’s a consumate proffessional, doesn’t want to
    retire beat up with a lisp. But, that grind every day must be hard. Money.
    Yeah, that’s nice. But, what about actually using that training to finish a
    fight once in a while? So, he had to create a character that eveyone wanted
    to see get their comeuppance at the end. Thing is, he never will. People
    hate to hate him. The only way people will get what they want out of him is
    to see him beat. Boxing has lost the most out this generation fights and
    with his and Mannys retirement it might not recover too quick.

  10. ParleLeVu says:

    The guy in the video makes a right point with a wrong statement. There are
    many boring fights in MMA, but the difference is that almost every boxing
    match nowadays is a technical display – only entertaining for true
    enthusiasts, whilst MMA has a much wider array of possibilities, creating a
    lot more situations, and thus being more entertaining in itself. Boxing
    cannot win this, and boxing promoters know this, that’s why they are
    sqeezing every penny out of boxing before their last fan starts watching

    Boxing is still needed though – as a specialty within MMA. Just like Tae
    Kwon Do – it sucks in MMA if you use it exclusively. but just like BJJ,
    Judo, wrestling and other specialties, every new tool is another potential
    way of winning a fight.

  11. lee yang says:


  12. lisenyoudontknowme says:


  13. Pavlo Harasymiv says:

    A lot of fights in MMA are way boring than Floyd’s fights, a would watch
    Floyd’s fight over any MMA fight and I’m huge UFC fan, I don’t miss any
    event. Floyd’s skill is just on another level

  14. Nick Silva says:

    most dedicated boxing fans love a technical match just like in MMA the
    wrestling fans enjoy watching GSP hold a guy down, or the BJJ fans like
    watching someone like Demian Maia fight technical.. MMA is entertaining to
    the casual fan because the casual fan isn’t educated in any martial art
    just wants to see violence. I’m a boxing fan and I didn’t like the
    Mayweather/Manny fight because I knew it was going to be boring. it was
    very important but somehow Mayweather has sucked away any importance boxing
    has left. the only unstoppable guys are ones that just score some then run
    and hold so you can’t score points. boxing is dead, that fight will make
    everyone realize it.

  15. OG kush says:

    at the least there’s like 3 knock outs every ufc fight night not to mention
    its free

  16. Prince Jasper says:

    casual fans want to see blood, die hard boxing fans its all about technical
    styles, it all depends on what way you look at it, you cant compare floyde
    to mma its like racing a motorbike with supercars so no point in even
    trying to make arguement there, floyde is best defensive fighter everyone
    knows that so why are people shocked at what he done? people expect him to
    come out like mike tyson, i dont like the man or his style but props for
    making it take over boxing and brainwashing his face into boxings core.

  17. MrLaimis911 says:

    Taking down is more boring than most boring boxing fight on the feet.

  18. Kukbert says:

    I agree with everything except the part were he said that there are no
    boring MMA-fights. There most certainly are a lot of boring fights but they
    are way more exciting in general compared to boxing, in my opinion.

  19. Fernandez3995 says:

    Eh I’ve seen a few boring mma fights. 

  20. Menelik Watson says:

    Most MMA fights are boring, Expecially with the clinching/ground-game, etc.

    There are very few entertaining MMA fights. Diego Sanchez, Conor McGregor,
    Jon Jones are the only MMA fighters off the top of my head I can think of
    who deliver entertaining fights.

    That being said,, Who’s fault is it that Manny Pacquiao fought like a pussy
    for most of the fight and didn’t utilize his traditionally
    aggressive/high-paced/charging fighting style against Floyd for most of the
    fight? Not Floyd.

    Floyd for the most part fought the same way that usually fights, As a
    DEFENSIVE BOXER and Manny fought uncharacteristically because he was afraid
    of getting knocked out by Floyd’s perfectly timed counter right hooks.

    Bottomline, Manny Pacquiao fought like a coward for most of the fight, and
    he was kept in check by the threat of being knocked out by a counter
    right-hook much like how he was knocked out cold against Juanb Manual

    If Manny Paquiao fought like he traditionally did – It would’ve been a very
    entertaining fight and Floyd would’ve knocked him out in the later rounds.
    Manny is the reason the fight didn’t please the fans. He fought scared for
    over 90% of the fight and not to mention that he made up a fake shoulder
    injury after the fight as an excuse for the loss.

    Bottomline, After the Marquez fight Manny Pacquiao lost his confidence and
    has fought far more safe.

  21. TheDark Raven says:

    I think that Floyd vs Pacquiao fight may make MMA sky rocket. Wish 187s
    fight card was next rather than Miocic vs Hunt just to prove how good
    packed fight cards are in MMA, but Miocic vs Hunt will still be a great
    fight for boxing fans to watch. Hopefully now we will see bigger pay checks
    for the fighters. I mean 100-200 mill in a fight compared to Jon Jones
    fight with DC and only making 600k? Fighters need more pay. I mean even
    Cerrone who will have like 15 fights by the end of the year complains about
    salary. Same with the only UFC Featherweight champion in existence Jose
    Aldo. Now that the “greatest” boxing fight of all time has gone away it’s
    now time for the MMA fighters to prove their claim. 

  22. shookthees says:

    MMA will soon be in the shitter just like Boxing. At the rate UFC is
    ruining its programming, it’ll be sooner then later

  23. Lindee Mayy says:

    If Pacquiao meets Golovkin at 154lbs catchweight and wins and right after
    faces Danny Garcia and win again. If Mayweather beats Amir Khan. Then Floyd
    beats Keith Thurman. Would you guys be interested in a Mayweather vs.
    Pacquiao 2 rematch?

  24. Ultimate Box says:

    He couldn’t have explained it any better. The words out of my mouth! WOW.
    Gold metal for this man right here.

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