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  1. amdl511 says:

    I understand what AB is trying to say tho…it happens too often in mma that a guy who only did wrestling his entire life or just bjj or just muay thai or whatever decides to get into mma and learn some basic stuff from other martial arts including boxing and outta nowhere they become champions…it just doesn’t happen that way in boxing

  2. DjRichisum says:

    70% of all mma fighters are chumps

  3. Kevintu28 says:

    I hate when people say that punchers aren’t born there made plus mma is a lot tougher than boxing

  4. shakin jake says:

    The sport of MMA is only 20 years old (1993). Boxing has been around forever! the sport is growing. if its so damn easy and you have such a lack of respect for the talent and skill of MMA fighters then fight one, or talk that BS to ones face. Your boxings not gonna help you when your getting dropped on your head.

  5. 1stressout9 says:

    As soon as the big names of boxing are done I can guarantee that MMA will be the next big thing.

  6. Hector Vosper says:

    I know what he’s trying to say but he said it wrong. There are a lot of different techniques in mma that can be learned and if you master one of them the majority of the competition isn’t good enough to overcome it. In boxing, there are not as many skills to master, so there are a lot more contenders that are equally as good. The best, born talented and gifted like mayweather rigondeaux pacquiao are even better and way tougher to beat. So tougher to become champion in the overcrowded pool boxing

  7. Daniel Astrada says:


  8. liandriunreal says:

    you mean mmGAY

  9. 1qmk says:

    but if a mma fighter tried to fight a boxing champion in his sport it would go the same way

  10. allmotorhash says:

    mighty mouse woud fuck up broner and he is 125 lbs fighter whats more real a floyd wannabe or a tiny motherfucker dropping this clown

  11. Chris Brown says:

    Why does everyone think only white people do mma have u ever heard of Jon jones lol

  12. Beatbyawhiteboy says:

    He’s right though..Look @ WWE star Brock Lesnar. How many fights did he have under his belts before becoming Champion. MMA is what it really is, street fighting amongst talentless white dudes.

  13. Ramiro Guerrero says:

    My favorite sport is MMA but I love boxing. I grew up watching boxing and I still watch it. But if Broner thinks that MMA is nothing, he should try it out. James Toney was being the same way until he tried out MMA an then he found out that MMA is no joke.

  14. Chris Brown says:

    Boxers just turnt cuz no one watches that shit anymore besides beaners and some black people lmao

  15. Chris Brown says:

    If a boxer fight a mixed martial artist he gonna get his ass wooped no if ands or buts about it

  16. Khobi Thusyanthan says:

    I want adrien to go say that in jon jones face

  17. J Dubble says:

    MMA= mindless white boys beating each others brains in at a chance of being a fight champ!With the corny soulless over the top death metal nonsense!

  18. alidaygo619 says:

    lol you are a mutha fuckin fool not everyone can box mma and boxing are both very hard sports but boxing is harder in the sense of it’s only one way of fighting in mma you got punches,kicks and chokes all types of ways too win when your hurt in mma you have a chance too grab your opponent and slam them too the floor and recover but in boxing when your hurt you only have a certain amount of time too clinch and you either fight back or block until the bell rings

  19. J Dubble says:

    Maybe im a realist!

  20. Jorge Rosas says:

    First of all, brock lesnar was an all american wrestler, so he has talent in wrestling. Big reason why he won those first fights.The reason why he got a title shot was because he had a big following in the WWE, Dana saw it as an opportunity to market him. Anybody can box, thats why its called the poor mans sport, doesnt mean u will become a champ, but anybody can do it. MMA takes talent as well, but its just much harder in boxing bcuz of its pool of boxers. We”ll see that with mma in the future

  21. onalyd says:

    wow, the people are really getting behind this brilliant statement. so much intelligence in the boxing community

  22. onalyd says:

    he was national champion wrestler many times. Plus the level has been elevated since the days when Forest won the championship. And Cain is 5 times the beast as Lesnar. so, yeah you don’t know shit.

  23. pawking92 says:

    Finally something I can Agree with this Fucker!

  24. boxingfanatiic says:

    actually he had 2 fights i was wrong he lost once and won on boxrec so yea

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