1. adam clifford says:

    ya pride and knowing your the better man has nothing to do with it dumbass

  2. adam clifford says:

    if you want to see great fighting thats the closest thing to the real deal you watch mma. you know mma fighters beat boxers in the street and to me thats all that matters. 22 and 23 isnt much latter then Martinez and you know franklin and forrest did ufc when it wasnt this competitive. theres not a seth mitchell in mma there is 1 in boxing

  3. riktig svensk says:

    What a retard…

  4. Alex Chaney says:

    and your point is?

  5. misterjay85 says:

    lol typical last resort for mma elitist 

  6. misterjay85 says:

    i think most would have sherdogs opinion in higher regard than yours

  7. French93SF says:

    LOL at these dumbasses defending MMA on a boxing based channel.

    Boxers make way more than MMA fighters and last time I checked this is prize fighting. They’re fighting for money you dummies.

  8. OuchPleaseNoooo says:

    Actually Forest Griffin started at 22 with no previous combat experience, Rich Franklin at 23, Jimi Manuwa at 28 and probably more that i don’t know about. But even the guys with Wrestling backgrounds, mma is supposed to be a completely different sport so i’m just not impressed by watching 2 wrestlers fight mma because instead of going to the ground and showcasing their skills they will have a sloppy stand up fight. If i want to see great Kickboxing i’l watch K-1, great Boxing i’l watch Boxing.

  9. TMUS85 says:

    They never reached the higher levels in those disciplines so your point is moot. Does it not take close to a year to make an MMA fighter?

  10. TMUS85 says:

    The point that many have made and you guys have failed to answer is that those guys did not reach the high levels in those disciplines. Many of them were mid-level when they made the transition to MMA and at the end of the day , the time it takes to train an MMA fighter is much much smaller when it is compared to what makes a genuine boxer.

  11. TMUS85 says:

    Lesnar was an NCAA wrestling champion. That is not testing himself at the highest level. You are just making their point for them. It is the same thing as a 1st dan black belt becoming an MMA fighter- he/she still has not taken their craft to the higher levels. There are much better examples that you could have used but it seems like you do not even know that much about the sport which you claim to love.

  12. TMUS85 says:

    As I already explained to you MMA geniuses- we are not talking about a street fight and even if we were- there are more appropriate martial arts which account for the unregulated nature of street fights. MMA is still bound by rules. MMA fighters would lose in the ring, boxers would lose in the octagon- so your point makes little sense.

  13. adam clifford says:

    ya dude bob arum and don king are so much better then dana white lol.

  14. adam clifford says:

    you do not understand the sport nobody is starting in there 30s everybody is already been training in something from a young age like wrestling and they get really good at it then they decide to get into mma. nobody is walking in off the streets at with no martial arts experience and becoming a champ in any organization

  15. Benoit Brouillette says:

    alright alright, lets say I give you this very precise point! Still doesn’t means anything in the debate honestly. Boxers have a bigger part of the ppv and bigger fight purses but that doesn’t say anything about the difference in complexity of the two sports neither about the level of their fighters!

  16. HipHopIsUnderground says:

    God you are ignorant. Weidman was an All-American collegiate wrestler. He was wrestling for many, many years which produced his base for MMA. Most of these guys grew up in karate, BJJ, judo, wrestling, muy thai, etc and use that as their base while trying to add an assortment of new techniques. This isn’t that difficult to deduct on a logical level. Jesus.

  17. Joyceages says:

    You’re showing your bias by calling me an “MMA guy”. I’m a fan of combat sports. I watch boxing, K1, muay thai fights, jiu jitsu, judo matches, freestyle wrestling, collegiate wrestling, I’ll even watch Kyokushin fights. I genuinely am interested in all aspects of hand to hand combat. I think you’re arguing for the sake of arguing. I never claimed there was a slew of world boxing champs in MMA. I did say that there are fighters in MMA that were champions in the sport of boxing.

  18. OuchPleaseNoooo says:

    If MMA is harder than Boxing then why are guys starting in their 30’s and having success. The latest a top Boxer has started is S Martinez who took up Boxing when he was 18 but didn’t win a title until 35 so it still took him 17 years to reach the top whereas guys like Weidman who is now Middleweight champ didn’t start until 25, 4 years later he beats the greatest of all time. Boxing takes life dedication, MMA is tough as hell as are the fighters but as a skill set it doesn’t compare to Boxing

  19. OuchPleaseNoooo says:

    I get what he means. Loads of MMA fighters have taken the sport up in their 20’s and 30’s and had success. Brock Lesnar is 1 example, i know he had college wrestling experience but MMA is supposed to be a separate sport to wrestling otherwise why not just keep it as wrestling only. It’s a common misconception that MMA fighters are actually mixed in their abilities when actually 95% are Grapplers. When you get 2 Grapplers they end up standing and trading and the standard is shit but entertaining.

  20. truBoxingfan says:

    and you completely miss the point he said he made 12m that year I said from the sport ? how much is he making from UFC? like I said no MMA fighter is making a guaranteed purse of 10m a fight !

  21. Max B says:

    Adrien broner is such a good talent and an amazing boxer yo watch..but he is so closed minded and acts like a fool. If he looks back at himself in 10 years, he’ll be like. “Man I was dumb as fuck”

  22. Benoit Brouillette says:

    dude, I’m from Montreal and GSP stated on national television that he made 12mil in 2012 and he was injuried. There’s not only fight purses, he branded himself so that actually means he’s a business so money comes from elsewhere….I don’t argue the fact that you checked but he didn’t check the whole picture. And that actually doesn’t really have a place in the fact that mma isn’t a sport to some peoples. Money is just money, competition and sport are the true things

  23. adam clifford says:

    broners best opponent to date is murda mook lol

  24. adam clifford says:

    dude lesnar was a wrestling champ and i dont mean in the wwe. you cant just learn mma not to mention lesnar got his ass kicked twice and retired. mma takes alot more talent then boxing. yes youll get to the ufc with not that many fights but there not gunna hand feed fights. you know who wins in a street fight right? you realize your average amatur mma fighter will fuck up pro boxers in the street

  25. Phil B says:

    Broner maybe right!! Brock Lesner was champion in his 3rd or 4th fight boxing is a lot harder to become champion even if theirs like 7 champions in every division its just harder.. But fuck it i love mma it badass!!

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