25 comments on “alex ariza and brandon rios mma action EsNews Boxing”

  1. ESNEWS says:

    lol who is the one person who didn’t like this vid? can anyone guess?

  2. decifher209 says:

    brandon keep it on the feet lol

  3. MayweatherTop1 says:


  4. 24Devaughn says:

    Lol alex reversal was amazing!

  5. aurelio badillo says:

    HA HA HA some funny shit. 

  6. Angel says:

    That was so funny 

  7. Emmanuel Mata says:

    Golden foot award lmao thats halarious!, I bet freddy roach didnt like this
    video lol!…

  8. MrJohnny583 says:

    Donald “The fucking Mexican” LMAO

  9. aattitude says:

    LOL Brandon got swept and key locked by Ariza, never thought I’d see that.

  10. shoromeo says:

    Ariza out weighs brandon by a 100 pounds so yeh he should win in wrestling 

  11. ryan gee says:

    the sweep lmao, ariza just showed why an mma figher would destroy a boxer
    in a (fight) any day lol, where did ariza learn that?

  12. dshawn crabtree says:

    man i thought ariza was a prick over at wildcard gym, but hes a really cool
    dude and pinned brandons ass quick, lol. i have a new respect for alex.

  13. juankarlo101 says:

    LMFAO hahaha Brandon is too funny ! Miss seeing this guy’s presence in the

  14. Ivan Calles says:

    Hahaa funny shit 

  15. osvaldo garcia says:


  16. aesmelly619 says:

    lol everyone fucks with Ariza even Pacquiao did when he was at wild card

  17. Mohammed Iqbal Khan says:

    transition into kimura

  18. jesse garcia says:

    mma brandon record W-0 L-1 lol

  19. Joshua Sasfire says:


  20. betaballs says:

    Preparing for Roach-Ariza 2. Lol

  21. rambo321 says:

    fucking brandon HAHA

  22. Melamamas2x says:

    Funny shit

  23. al vela says:

    That was funny. Ha ha ha. Brandon n Ariza

  24. serialchiler says:

    Freddie roach disliked the video hahaha, nice footage elie brandon should
    be first championship boxer to win ufc championship ! 

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