25 comments on “Alistair Overeem ‘Likes the Vibe’ at Jackson’s MMA”

  1. Omar Correa says:

    Hopefully he’ll keep his ego in check and Jackson can turn him back into an
    exciting fighter.

  2. klyzn says:

    Big Foot Silva made this guy look silly.

  3. MrEKIM96 says:

    under-rated fighter

  4. InAntWeTrust says:

    Isn’t he 2-2 in the UFC? people act like he hasn’t won a fight in decades
    lol. Weirdos 

  5. ziongite says:

    Overeem is cool and the UFC shouldn’t throw his at JDS because that is
    mean. At least give Overeem a fight that he has a chance in.
    I saw Overeem vs Miocic would be good. Or Overeem vs Roy Nelson, Or Overeem
    vs Bigfoot rematch.

  6. TopShelf says:

    I would have loved to see his face when he heard JDS broke his hand. I
    wonder how he’ll weasel his way out of fighting JDS this time.

  7. TheTeamOden says:

    Huge fan of Overeem, was super excited when I heard he was coming to the
    UFC. Never been more disappointed with his performance so far. 

  8. Bruce LeRoy says:

    Isn’t Frank Mir with Jackson now too? How awkward is that? Browne and Mir. 

  9. badmnz123 says:

    I eat alligator meat 

  10. BadAssBlackOverlord says:

    He likes everyone now but down the line he becomes an eye sore and leaves
    the team. Rampage style baby.

  11. FreeeeBeer says:

    I think Greg Jackson can help him formulate great fight plans in the
    future. Overeem could be HW champ if he chooses the right fight strategy.

  12. Stinger911 says:

    Fuck. I wanted to see him rematch Browne and murder him…

  13. River Cardinal says:

    If you like it so much, stay and become Champ….

  14. thetruthis9 says:

    if i had to do it all over again, id try to be an elite fighter…tho i
    hate the idea of getting punched in the face and eating horse
    meat…alternatively I love the idea of traveling the world and fucking the
    finest of bitches…Alistair Overeem, I salute you…

  15. rollexx says:

    its weird to have all these heavyweights in same gym as velasquez? they all
    want what he has lol

  16. albaraaa says:

    i hope they kick him out

  17. c619cuesta says:

    He should of went to Duane ludwig

  18. Toonses says:

    This guy’s a loser because he don’t take training and fighting seriously.

  19. theworldispein nagato says:

    God i hope Overeem stays at Jacksons for a while.Just be part of the group
    and stop making your own training-camps exclusively.

    Overeem got a very bad rap because of the whole Blackzillians thing. But
    something is obviously wrong at that gym (to many ego’s…not enough of
    professionalism….firing Kenny Monday). The Golden Glory thing was always
    going to happen. They had enough connections in Japan to warrant their high
    fees. They just did not have the same pull in the States hence the where
    not worth their fees.

    Anyways lets see i still think Overeem can have some fun fights at
    heavyweight. I do not think he will be a champ anytime soon (with Cain
    around) but he can get another titleshot IF he manages to elude JDS (loses
    that fight 9 out of 10 times).

  20. Lopata991 says:

    Does Jackson’s mma have horse meat?

  21. royalclub148 says:

    Yeah but did he have his own coach Joakim Engberg ?

  22. gary bob says:

    Ppl need to STFU hatin on Overeem , he was absolutly smashing silva and
    travis ‘one trick pony ‘ browne till he got tagged , if he was more
    concentrated and in shape he would fuck the whole HW division up. ! With
    the exception if probably Cain & JDS

  23. DavorNL says:

    Maybe he should try to make a fight happen

  24. Joseph Diaz says:

    Wow u dnt kno winklejohn mad disrespectful for him to say. I mean it on
    says his name outside lol

  25. donmaga1 says:

    Hard hitting questions I think not

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