Alistair Overeem on UFC 156 Bout With Bigfoot, Return From Suspension + Missed JDS Opportunity

MMA HEAT’s Karyn Bryant talks with UFC Heavyweight Alistair Overeem and hears what he has to say about his upcoming fight with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, set to take place at UFC 156 on February 2nd, 2013, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. Alistair talks about training with the Blackzilian camp (which includes Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson + Tyrone Spong), why his move to Florida has been beneficial and how he feels about returning to the octagon after suspension. He also talks about fighting Junior Dos Santos, how he felt about leaving the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix and his brother’s involvement in his fight career. Be sure to visit for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: * Follow Karyn on Twitter:

24 comments on “Alistair Overeem on UFC 156 Bout With Bigfoot, Return From Suspension + Missed JDS Opportunity”

  1. JohnLawrenceCobraKai says:

    Overeem is a joke. That nigger can’t win without steroids.

  2. Junior damiao says:

    how can u say that LOL overeem has no heart no chin and looking mortal again due to no roids. sorry

  3. Junior damiao says:

    JDS vs bigfoot? lol JDS is to fast and crisp ..

  4. Nova w says:

    But you needed this. Change yourself, learn some respect. Find your fire back. And make everyone proud of you again.

  5. Nova w says:

    Alistair you fat bitch. Arogance always becomes before the fall. Now you not only lost your true fans from the Netherlands with your retard comments. But you also lost your American fans who only where fan because you where a temporal hype. Before you came to the UFC they probably never even hearth of you. And now you lost your nothing to them.

  6. Seanus32 says:

    I doubt it!  He really didn’t look threatening against BF. I would have said the same b4 but he just didn’t look like a top 3 HW. Overeem should have been stripped of his win against Brock but they left it as Brock was doubtless on them too. Overeem should be given Browne or Duffee. Both big and strong and cannot be tossed around like ragdolls. JDS Vs BF next. Make it happen!

  7. TomiAk47 says:

    so you are deniyin that overdose is on roids? and fedor never ducked nobody, just look at the list of guys he took out during his pride-prime-time… becuase its full of former UFC champs (coleman, randleman, sylvia), then of course nog 2x, cro cop, hunt and all of em in their prime

  8. choupanago says:

    xupa overeem segura q o pezao te detona

  9. Petar Gulin says:

    it’s not like he is garbage , but he reason why he become so good over night are – steroids and hormons, just look at him, he looks like some body builder, remember Emilianenko and his body, and his way of traninig, see difference?

  10. DragonOfQin says:

    you know what Chuck said about Overeem after they fought? He said this kid will be good someday. You think Chuck is dumb? At his prime he knew Reem was good.

  11. DragonOfQin says:

    LOL! We’ll see. Reem will fucking destroy JDS.

  12. joeangelo choromano says:


  13. datozgtr says:

    Reem is not on jds and Velasquez level. Jds woul rip his head off with an upper cut like he did to werdumb…

  14. Petar Gulin says:

    dude , in pride he was below average fighter, then he descovered steroids…. he was never match to Minotaur, cro cop and Feodor… he even tried to cut down his weight to fight in Middleweight back in 2007… did you ever asked yourself why he never did nothing big in pride ?

  15. Petar Gulin says:

    he was NOTHING back in pride days, he wasn’t even in top 10 fighters , then he moved to ufc and descovered hormons , steroids and other stuff. watch his fights from 2005-2008 average fighter

  16. carlito kaya says:

    he lost the fight agains bigfoot he real underrest bigfoot!,now bigfoot vs cain!

  17. bigbinston says:

    Reem was far foo cocky he ahould went full out first round for ko well done bigfoot tho

  18. Joeocean3 says:

    He’ll be back!

  19. fu3ar25 says:

    stfu with your excuses….fedor ducked Reem? oh really….then why did fedor fight in the strikeforce GP?….bigfoot couldnt finish Fedor and Knocked the fuck outta reem…Reems jaw is glass.

  20. TheeDevilWearsPrada says:

    Overeem was rusty. Not only that but he completely disregarded Bigfoot’s skills. Did you see him during the fight? He dropped his hands and was smiling. He got wayyyy too cocky. And when you’re that cocky, you’re bound to lose.

  21. smaroufk says:

    Reem shouldn’t want JDS next. Two back-to-back losses oftentimes = getting cut by the UFC. I highly doubt that would happen to Overeem though, given his massive fan base & all.. but still, not a good look.

  22. MZITinfo says:

    but it’s perfect for jds vs reem now, ince both of them coming off a loss

  23. MZITinfo says:

    biggest upset since Fedor vs Werdum

  24. patrykblabla says:

    JDS in on diffrent level

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