Alistair Overeem receives license to fight Bigfoot Silva at UFC 156 from NSAC – Full Meeting

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24 comments on “Alistair Overeem receives license to fight Bigfoot Silva at UFC 156 from NSAC – Full Meeting”

  1. Carl Adams says:

    is it me or do u guys think dana white doesnt want overeem to b champ of the ufc for the simple fact it will make the best divisions ran by minorities. or non americans…..the ppvs havent been over a million in a very long time….I think overeem is good but I don’t see anyone beating him, jones, silva or gsp n they are all either minorities or not America. …just a thought

  2. ivorninja says:

    well said and well put alistair is the best in the world at the moment hes leart well from his losses

  3. brandonemir62 says:

    fuck yea bro

  4. Majid Hussain says:

    lol they look like there scared of him

  5. Julien Ricky says:

    what else u want them to do? he was suspended for 9 months.9 months no pay..what would you hang him for using steds? u bunch of idiots act like u r perfect. everyone makes mistakes, every is greedy sometimes, everytime tries to cheat system, that’s why they have law enforcement. nobody is perfect, ppl make mistakes. everyone should get a second chance. and i think his suspension was just. he’s tested negative, so he can get on with his life. i dont see any problem wat so ever with da whole thing

  6. allurah ali says:

    Well he’s gonna b champ soon….I can’t wait to put my money up

  7. paulin Lefilsdepaul says:

    they want to make it looks like, its not just about taking your money hhh. They want to make this shit looks like it’s kind of official. That’s why they ask question like “do you speak english ?” after talking with you in english for 30 min ! Official stuff right there..

  8. paulin Lefilsdepaul says:

    against big foot i think alistair will destroyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hhh

  9. angryhornet91 says:

    dude you need to learn how to write english fast!

  10. pakifighter says:

    still huge

  11. Anders2989 says:

    No I am not joking, we have different opinions, that’s alright, if Velasquez would take him down, it is a promise friend, Overeem will not get up before being finished by Cain, and yes Overeem could be fast with his flying knees, but he often hesitates about what his next step will be, looking for openings, and guys like Junior and Cain will take advantage of that, and I really don’t think Overeem has what it takes if a fight gets rough, let’s se what happens versus Bigfoot first.

  12. Adan Fernandez says:

    lol funny how people make comments on fighters juicing they all do rofl others are just better at not getting caught. he got a random drug test and got caught he isnt the only one and wont be the last all upcoming fighters do roids if you wanna compete at the best level you have to do it common sense go overeem!!! cain vs overeem is gonna be a good fight

  13. Riccardo Viola says:

    Haha are you kidding me? Of course you’re right with the fact that strength and size aren’t everything, but Overeem does have skills. Just watch his other fights. Just think about Reem’s clinch. He’s able to clinch everyone and JDS for example would have lots of problems with that. He’s a beast and he’s fast. Overeem will become the champion. Like soufean said: Just a matter of time.

  14. laatjelekkerlikken says:

    ha ha, yea, he juiced himself so much …his looks like a monkey now

  15. laatjelekkerlikken says:

    Yeah, go get’m tiger… Before you know it, you’re fucking up Velasquez

  16. Anders2989 says:

    Would be very surprised if he ever becomes champion in UFC, big and strong is not everything, you got to have skills, willpower and heart to pass Velasquez and JDS for example, I don’t think Overeem has what it takes to beat these guys, would not be surprised if he is stopped by Antonio Silva, Overeem won’t take him down, and Antonio is very tuf and hard to beat in a standup battle,should be interesting to se what happens.

  17. yb3000 says:

    Such a farce. Look at those fakes making money for doing nothing.
    Commission — Mr Overeem, do you feel that you have learned something from this experience
    Overeem — Yes
    Commission — Good, we all makes mistakes. Now we hope that you will follow the right path and be a good little boy. You may take a piece of.candy on your way out.

  18. coolbreezeification says:

    With sloppy takedowns and telegraphed takedowns he littary throw him self infront of jds his feet if that was overeem in stead of jds he would have kneed him in the face speciallty if he dus those takedown so telegraphed

    Lol when jds won the beld people where like yeah the greatest unbeatble now all of the sudden cain is the guy who is unbeatble (lol)

    Funny to see how reem is gonna tear him a new one

  19. coolbreezeification says:

    8 years ago when overeem was a little boy and liddle was in his prime
    let him try that shit now…

    Khartinov koed him you do know that overeem koed him to so its 1-1
    many fighters lost fights Randy couture (so called legend) lost against Allistair brother valentijn hoe is considert less of a fighter  ..

    So makes that couture a can now ?

    many top fighters lost sum fights in theire carreer … specially the ones who fought all over the world ..

  20. NightmareBill says:

    4:30 ” Particularily with the random testing that we currently employed ”
    To all the keyboard hemotologists haters I see out there on all the forums and also here on youtube, saying the testing says nothing because Overeem knew when he would be tested….. STFU. As you hear here at least the 2 blood tests done by the NSAC were performed randomly. No way you can cheat on a random blood test…..let alone 2 of them.

  21. WhitePride IsNotRacist says:

    or maybe they just have motivation….more motivation than you?

  22. WhitePride IsNotRacist says:


  23. WhitePride IsNotRacist says:

    cain should have his tattoo burned off SoA style

  24. WhitePride IsNotRacist says:


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