Amateur MMA fight FAIL.

Spokane WA, 11/29/14. How do I get this to ESPN Not Top 10?!?! The guy went on to win the fight with the loser almost fighting the ring judge.

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  1. Matt M says:

    Here is link to most of the fight. Yes, it’s as bad as you think it’s going
    to be. I stopped recording because it wasn’t worth the time it was going to
    take to later delete from my phone.

  2. Wowzabunny says:

    redditor and moderator of r/mma here. this video has been *LIBERATED* due
    to its ignorance and bullying of a novice fighter. I cannot stress how
    important it is for someone to fight in their own style and to learn their
    own way. I remember using this move several times properly as I am a pro
    level black belt MMA fighter.

    sincerely – Wowzabunny of the Draggon claw clan MMA world champion

  3. jETSKiWAVE says:

    the training is nothing, the WILL IS EVERYTHING

    hes a hero imo

  4. brentm204 says:

    if your gonna post a video post the full video of him winning the fight not
    just a 9 second clip

  5. Ayo Kano says:

    That went so differently in his head hahahaha

  6. Brandon Anderson says:

    If executed correctly it would have been a great downward strike. But when
    he fell, he effed himself. When you fall like that, you roll once quick and
    lay there waiting to catch the mount in a full or half guard. 

  7. MrBombastic4life says:

    Sponsored by McDonalds.

  8. olimario says:

    fat fucks

  9. Kenpachi Zaraki says:

    Anthony Fattis

  10. CharlieTV says:

    Hi all epic memer troll king here. nice moves.

    – chareli troll master fadora tiper.

  11. Martin De Luna Jr. says:

    That’s not how you Jaguar kick!

  12. Tavish MacQuafferson says:

    Le reddit armie is hear! I’m a devoted bacon enthusiast, a fan of Dr.
    Sheldon Cooper, and certified meme guru. I enjoy science as well as
    psychology and philosophy. Sometimes when it rains I like to go outside
    holding a cocktail umbrella and pretend I’m a giant. If you meet me in
    person, you’ll understand the hilarity. I’m a washed up athlete and a
    self-proclaimed book nerd. I’m a normal redditor from a small town with a
    really cool day job and a super huge family.

    Le fedora narwhale bacon mcmidnight, m’lady (only redditors will understand

  13. Mike Hauben says:

    WTF is an octagon fight…

  14. skitz241 says:

    this guy > anthony pettis 

  15. Keenan Kolarik says:

    This looks like 2 drunk guys fighting

  16. Random Passerby says:

    Dat showtime setup tho.

  17. satish890 says:

    Its funny because they are both fat.

  18. cvtstoneman25 says:

    try twitter with the link and or hashtag. Probably something like

  19. dinnynosher says:

    Silly sod

  20. alex prak says:

    Some give this guy a championship belt!! Then let him take a year off to
    nurse an injury 

  21. Ryan Ramos says:

    Oooh!! Did you see that?! He ran off the wall like a ninja and landed a
    face plant!!

  22. waxeater says:

    That’s a hexagon, homie.

  23. parrisvarney says:

    I don’t care what reddit or youtube says, it’s impossible to do anything
    embarrassing while wearing a tuxedo shirt. 

  24. dogwondr says:

    Look at these fat fuckin bubbas. I wouldn’t pay a dollar to see them fight.

  25. TheRealEzzy says:

    Fucking pathetic fat fucks

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