25 comments on “Amazing Rolling Thunder MMA Knockout”

  1. 1Nostrand1 says:

    Only a complete douche hits someone after clearly knocking them out in an
    official match. Should have been disqualified.

  2. Cosmic Soybean says:

    I don’t know much about MMA, but isn’t it against the rules to continue
    hitting someone once there down and a refs on their side?

  3. Daniel Oliver says:

    That final punch was dangerously close to hitting his throat

  4. masamunex82 says:

    I’ve never seen so many dipshits in one comment thread that think they know
    how MMA works.

  5. Enrique Bunbury says:

    More like Rolling ASSHOLE!!!!

  6. BiggyBollocks says:

    Nice cheap shot at the end. Asshole.

  7. Alcala Architect says:

    this guy is a TOTAL PRICK! he basically sucker punches the guy after he is
    down and out! 

  8. Phil B says:

    Looked like a move from Street Fighter 4 Nice!

  9. Dylan Schmidt says:

    Ya, punching someone in the face while they are on the ground is really

  10. portyMD says:

    uh was there a reason he punched him in the mouth

  11. MrColexican says:

    Shouldn’t have punched him. He was out 

  12. Dustin Andrews says:

    That referee is a moron. You don’t conduct that test while the fighter is
    still knocked out and dazed.

  13. leo lee says:

    feel like kill~~~

  14. Brian Leong says:

    Hjalmar Nyman

  15. Aaron Sarrion says:

    who else is from reddit?

  16. Raymond Anthony says:

    That was so quick, even the ref didn’t know it was over!

  17. Marc Langlois says:

    nice free style ankle pick. WOW your momentum is firce dude

  18. graves8686 says:

    hands up, hands up, hands up. but that move was confusing, played it back
    about 90 times. at first it looks like a low jab, that fake jab becomes a
    hook behind the opponent’s lead leg, at the same time it look like a single
    leg take down, but turns into a kinda of army roll heel kick. this guy’s
    next opponent should really take a good look at this move. I like this move
    for two reasons one it’s a power shot, but two if the heel had missed the
    head the leg that swings over would have acted has a leg sweep, with the
    attacker’s arm hooking the back of the the opponents leg. that also would
    had been fun to watch. 

  19. Christopher Carver says:

    Nice KO. You don’t see that very often.

  20. Bronx melemai says:

    Check out BOSTON SALMON one two, and one hand combo on YouTube kid is a

  21. McDoogs20 says:

    You just got knocked the fuck out

  22. So wrxy says:

    Can’t blame the guy.. he was in the moment. Knocking someone down is hella
    of a rush. Ide most likely do the same thing if I saw my opponent try
    getting up.

  23. James Morrison says:

    the worst parts of human nature rolled into a sport.

  24. MYKLE MCSHERRY says:

    Amazing Rolling Thunder MMA Knockout: http://youtu.be/YNoyBsVZUWU


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