25 comments on “An Appetite for Strength: The Rebirth of Japanese MMA”

  1. eduardo Terrazas says:

    Does any one know what happened to sexi yama?

  2. kim min jae says:

    fuck all of these Americunts and japenese monkeys …korean zombie will
    kill all of these niggers !!!!!

  3. zap888 says:

    ONE FC is bigger in Asia. UFC is less relevant.

  4. JGD1985 says:

    Lovin that Big Country! Haha he is kinda like an anime character.

  5. Frank TheTank says:

    Asian women fuckin sexy 

  6. Bruce LeRoy says:

    Sorry to break it to Japan but Korea have a lot more better fighters than
    them atm. 

  7. Flamestrke says:

    “UFC is stepping in to help them” typical American savior complex, Japan
    pioneered MMA

  8. mmajunkie83 says:

    PRIDE was the golden age of MMA. They paid much more than UFC and the
    majority of all their cards were super stacked with big name fighters and
    marquee matchups from start to finish. They staged bigger more grand events
    with opening exhibitions, audiences 3 times that of UFC, better more
    interesting commentary – everything was just better. I wish some rich
    Billionaire would resurrect a new PRIDE.

  9. thejokerceso says:

    Oh i think roy nelson is cute thats why i watch ufc. Get these dumb bitches
    off and let somebody who knows something knowledgable about MMA (not ufc)
    to promote the sport.

  10. Alex Mallinson says:

    There’s one Japanese girl that’s probably not submissive

  11. officialjet says:

    Why post this after cung lee got his ass beat

  12. Spencer Martinez says:

    I want to marry Shizuka Sugiyama.

  13. flatlinerking says:

    Was the girl from florida even speaking Japanese? “arloski??? Ski????
    Ski??? Ski” 

  14. str81 says:

    Damn what is the name of the intro song!

  15. AJDEFIXION says:

    great video. WE ARE ALL ONE. Fighting brings us together!

  16. Evandro T.I. says:

    Nice clip!

  17. Carbon Bonds says:


  18. Haruno Sakura says:

    fuck ufc fake shit…one fc is the best

  19. Madi Munalov says:

    pride never need all this sh….

  20. lisenyoudontknowme says:

    roy nelson is cute

  21. YouStuThis T says:

    What about Chinese fighters? 

  22. Ironik Mo says:

    I laughed when she said Roy Nelson was cute 

  23. thatdude21601 says:

    Sugiyama is a nifty fighter, but is probably too big for 115, and too small
    for 135.

  24. Khalid Khurasani says:

    Who gives a shit about the opinions of female fans. But the asian girl is
    hot though

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