12 comments on “An MMA Dropkick in “Inside MMA’s” Viewer Submissions”

  1. TheAntManChannel says:

    hahahaha sick

  2. ashleegrant48 says:

    Lol the Bas sound effect.

  3. BanEntitled Brats says:

    Amateurs fight so stoopid.

  4. kingneddy says:

    that is beast! :)

  5. gyurk says:

    Morote Yoko Tobi Geri, Bas :)

  6. Kota Fourtwenty says:

    Hit him with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty! – Action Bronson

  7. BadlndsBob says:

    Drop kick! Nice!

  8. mareeyo1 says:

    Stupid. haha Guy tried to make it seem like he was out so he could stop
    punching. Too bad the ref called it off before the guy could stop swinging.

  9. Robert Schwartzback says:

    LoL, it looked pretty affective. I mean, didn’t knock dude out or
    anything, knocked his ass back and created some space though.

  10. Brien Irving says:

    the backstage convo “dude you lost” “nah dude did you see that dropkick?
    that means i won”

  11. Cage Riot MMA says:

    AXS TV – An MMA Dropkick in “Inside MMA’s” Viewer Submissions: An MMA
    Dropkick in “Inside MMA’s” Viewer Submissions You sent them to us and we
    put them on the show! Check out these awesome viewer videos, including the
    rarely seen dropkick, from… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA

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