25 comments on “Anderson Silva vs Lee Murray – MMA Cage Rage WIDESCREEN”

  1. jou1900 says:

    Anderson silva is the biggest fraud on mma. And unfortunatelly Brazil who
    created this sport is in decadence. José Aldo is the last champion and i
    see no great talents rising. maybe Eduardo Dantas, but is too little for a
    country that dominated this sport like never other before.

  2. favourites4 says:

    What a disgusting and violence glorifying blood-bath. The UFC should be
    shut down for frigs sake the fact that they allow this on tv is sickening,
    not to mention all the young mind of children they’re polluting with this
    violence. This is the kind of stuff that leads to school shootings.

  3. Mike Stanley says:

    ever since Chris Weidman knocked him he hasn’t been the same

  4. Kevin Henderson says:

    All the retards booing when Silva goes on his back, it’s mixed martial

  5. Jakeob Sparks says:

    lee murray, needed to get more strike instead of trying to counter
    Silva….obvioulsy Lee needs to go back to the gym and practice giving leg
    kicks and be more aggressive…especially when fighting men like Silva

  6. Angel Montelongo says:

    Quien es el mejor peleador actualmente?

  7. Trolololeos says:

    These commentators are so fuckin’ biased and they have no idea what they’re

  8. JACKSONVILLE1200 says:

    Jou1900 so is Belfort a weak fighter for Anderson silva??? You fool would
    not last 5 mins in the ring Loool. Are you Brazilian!? Dammmm you are
    bitter. What did Anderson fuck your mother?? Or was it he knocked out your
    rival Belfort???

  9. Marcus Molineaux says:

    wtf? Lee Murray has a tramp stamp…

  10. NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus says:

    Lee murray, that’s about the most working class England name possible..Lol

  11. Jaqen H'ghar says:

    holy shit these dudes rode Murrays dick the entire time. There was one
    point when Silva tried to get up real quick but couldn’t do it and laid
    back down on his back to wait for the ref to stand them up and the
    commentators were acting like he was scared to stand with Murray. Silva
    dominated that whole fight from start to finish

  12. Zach Tamele says:

    stamping on the opponents feet looks like cheating

  13. JACKSONVILLE1200 says:

    Jou1990 Anderson Silva knocked out your idol Loool. Victor Belfort the
    steroid pumped up fool got knocked out by Anderson silva I know your a
    racist lool. Brazil is a racist country and Belfort got fucked up looool
    pussy boy 

  14. Cristiano Bruno says:

    if that kicks in 14:30 had striked lee the match ends there

  15. Dev D says:

    i always knew that British commentators are Biased dickriders but I never
    expected this level of ridiculousness …. this was a pure disgrace to MMA

  16. Festus Williams says:

    “…I think Silva’s got this, I really do..”

    You think?

  17. Tyler Scoggin says:

    Oh man, British announcers are the worst.

  18. S SH says:

    The commentators are fucking stupid.

  19. Secon Met says:

    these 2 commentators should be shot, are they looking at the same fight we
    are looking at. everything they said is soooooo biased. the bs is

  20. Hriata Macubex says:

    This video is good to watch with the sound muted……

  21. Tim Schwarz says:

    All my friends were like “only girls kick” then I showed them Silva… now
    they have respect.

  22. J3TPILOT1991 says:

    Commentators that cant even say 3 or think. They don’t start with an F. I
    know it’s a speech impediment but why choose these 2 as commentators? 

  23. 01Prostyle says:

    Obviously this UK guy or punk really did not know what the hell he was
    getting himself into. Commentators are either fired or retired right

  24. Josias Matias says:

    Anderson Silva voltará com tudo e terá de volta o seu cinturão.

  25. OkayAintOkay says:

    ANDERSON SILVA. The absolute best martial artist to ever step in the
    Octagon. No other fighter has consistently made talented competition look
    so average. His career will continue to be measured until it’s over, but as
    of now, he’s the best of all time.

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