8 comments on “Andrey Koreshkov Vs Justin Baesman 2014 Bellator MMA Fighting Championship 118”

  1. Alex Gosling says:

    Another one bites the dust: )

  2. 32ivan23 says:


  3. al nevestine says:

    Great to see Russian warriors wrapping themselves in a flag after a fight.
    Awesome display!

  4. PM97 says:

    suka bled russiya suka…opa!

  5. ssway28 says:

    I want to get hit in the face like that :)

  6. Alexander Morozov says:

    Вроде не в корпус попал, а в челюсть..

  7. Dmitri Zimbal says:

    Андрюха красавец, классный бой. Удачи ему в финале Гран-при.

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