25 comments on “Anthony Pettis Reveals Never Before Seen MMA Kick”

  1. TheOriginalRobin says:


  2. Bugsy HoLLiday says:

    Jose Dancing is burnt out!

  3. Arman Chua says:


  4. Arman Chua says:

    I cant wait!!

  5. EyeSnortZeldaFairies says:

    i don’t believe that kick was revealed

  6. xParkway90x says:

    So because they are black, means they aren’t American? And both Cruz and Cain were BORN IN USA, ergo, they’re Americans.
    Ow, my head hurts from all the stupidity!

  7. Jon Jones says:

    I am a nigger.

    I like watermelon, fried chicken and grape drink.

  8. xParkway90x says:

    Cruz was born in Arizona, Cain was born in California. Both Arizona and California are in America, ergo, they are American.
    And last time I checked Mexico is part of America (Not USA, the continent)

  9. xParkway90x says:

    I was going to say her, but I don’t know how mature people are on the internet to accept the fact that women are in MMA so I stayed clear of it, lol.

  10. tiggersrevenge says:

    Octo-questions? God thats bad lol.

  11. obtsfan says:

    and rowdy? 

  12. severed321 says:

    540.. would mean his back is to his opponent first? lol

  13. guitarhero0000 says:


  14. Awesomeguy614 says:

    I’m starting to really like Pettis. Its hard to not like him but he’s really winning me over with his fights and his attitude. He’s got the right mix of confidence and cool.

  15. Fernando Octavio says:

    whys that buddy? dont u dare say hes cocky. and wutever ‘cockiness’ is apparent in pettis after he wins fights, you can see double that in aldos celebration. cmon man. wut is it. is it just that hes hispanic or where does such hate for an entertaining fighter come from? and yes he is entertaining. and dont deny that is why you watch the sport. to be entertained. and dont pretend he lacks technique either..so cmon you and John Doe below. wheres the hate comin from?

  16. Bai Lung says:

    He is half Mexican, half Puerto Rican.

  17. MrBowdallen says:

    TJ Grant is next in line to fight Benson Henderson

  18. Mordecaishitsonyou says:

    HAHAHA I died when they showed the clip of Jose “dancing”

  19. Forest Hanke says:

    They were all born and raised in America genius, that makes them American.

  20. NewCanadianTurtle says:

    There’s more MMA going on around the world, not just the UFC. There are MMA organizations in India, England, and especially Canada. Canada has the TFC

  21. zurus222 says:

    cain valazquez is mexican-american
    dominick cruz mexican american
    you fool.

  22. John Doe says:

    you and I my friend

  23. thekingofoakland says:

    Two of those “American” fighters are MEXICAN, Anthony Pettis is also Mexican, the other two are black.

  24. OringinalGamer21 says:

    ur reply to me makes no sense you ignorant uneducated dick…so I guess i’ll just say… FUCK OFF M8 !!!

  25. Sveti Petar says:




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