16 comments on “Aoki’s Revenge – Inside MMA”

  1. hippo4214 says:

    Aoki via submission.

  2. dulmater says:

    No, Aoki is just a piece of shit. Talented fighter, useless human being. Its fairly obvious he had the intent of doing that. He positioned himself so that Hirota could not tap.

  3. jjohnson218 says:

    the hells wring with you?

  4. Sir Tee says:

    He’s young and full of energy.

    We all get too excited at one point.

  5. codyshrewsbury says:

    Hope he chokes boku the fuck out

  6. exxagerator says:

    aoki > strikeforce mma < UFC


  7. Luxito360 says:

    steve aoki’s brother?

  8. MyDeArmAsTeR1 says:

    aoki cant strike for shit. dumbass asian

  9. mmanouvelles says:

    I wonder if aoki could go down to 145

  10. Fera Lig says:

    One dimension, he’d get wasted by anyone in the top 10 in the UFC LW Div.

  11. mmalford18 says:

    Aoki could be a legit contender in the ufc if his standup was better its his biggest flaw and its a big flaw when fighting a decent wrestler with good hands

  12. KingOyez says:

    Aoki is a classless waste of life. I hope he gets KO’d again. Look up his fight with Hirota if you think otherwise.

  13. dontwalkdontrun says:

    Aoki’s is the best fighter in the world not fighting in the UFC. I hope he gets signed after he breaks Boku.

  14. zombiewhale says:

    aoki is such an interesting chap

  15. Meet Trivedi says:

    Well this is a comment….

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