25 comments on “Asking Random People MMA Questions”

  1. PatBarryMoron says:

    So fucking stupid. Asking idiotic questions like “Kwonkicker” and “Shane
    Fazen” you fucktards. Waste of my mother fucking time. Shows your martial
    arts knowledge is low. DUMB PATHETIC FAGGOTS.

  2. Mat Broomfield says:

    And the point of this waaas?

  3. kwonkicker says:

    I concur.

  4. onegaisti says:

    Should’ve asked them about that rear naked.

  5. Humza Haque says:


  6. FightTips with Shane Fazen says:

    So we walked around asking everyday people trivia questions about #MMA. Got
    some pretty #funny responses, haha!

  7. TarquinnBlackwood1 says:

    That guy at the end, you should include it in all of your videos XD

  8. Anthony Alvarez says:


  9. soy Kokee says:

    I knew 6 hehe

  10. Danny Ho says:

    Temple kids ? 

  11. kodi brown says:

    Is there anywhere to purchase those fight gym t shirts?

  12. Ramiro Humara says:

    Hey Shane what should I do if somebody tries to pick me up by the waist in
    a street fight ? 

  13. Dvir Sella says:

    israel kicks every one ass!!!!!!!even shane

  14. TNTgameplays101 says:

    MIRKO!! <3

  15. Mark Delgado says:

    Aunt got that strong italian accent!

  16. mtawsome106 says:

    those girls dont know shit

  17. LilNinjaxoxo says:

    I lovvve how you guys blended in. Haha the backpack n snapbacks. Pfft
    classic college boy.
    They don’t know bout Shane…losers.
    BTW this was hilarious!
    The first answer was pathetic…can’t even get ufc.
    But for realll… lovvvvvvved this.

  18. Jonathan Luijendijk says:

    make tips for 9 year olds to get strenght

  19. schwindsichtiga says:

    Shane Fazen is so oldschool, waaaayyyy back … XD

  20. cruzrider2 says:

    Great content on your channel. Great that I found it

  21. 93beshoy says:

    More vids like this

  22. fercho glez says:

    such sr. shane is a pleasure to watch your videos and the truth is that I
    love that not only speak of a single fighting system but try to cover all.
    I practice krav maga worldwide in acacdemisa in Mexico City and also also
    practice MMA hopefully someday you could visit Mexico since mma in my
    country are barely tenienendo high demand and are good fighters coming out
    every day. Greetings from Mexico City.

  23. DanishGameBox says:

    Ask people if they know Shane Fazen like you did :)

  24. mo kö says:

    what do you think about headbutts? I know they are dangerous and hard to
    master, but can they be effective?

  25. Brendon Kim says:

    Gasp! Didnt know you were in the area. Now I’m gonna walk around the city
    hoping you ask me some questions hahah

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