25 comments on “ASMR Unwrapping Silver Soap, Rewrapping Silver Soap + Ramble about MMA + Movies”

  1. xConfuzzle says:

    The handle of that blade is…. extremely large compared to the blade
    itself O_____O

  2. geraci9 says:

    Dr.dimitri kidnaps an mma fighter to continue his experiments…. just an
    idea :p

  3. 0bong0bunny0 says:

    i love this video! lol love the talk and how this is the first time i hear
    you cuss. lol 

  4. nashforcash says:

    literally no background noise

  5. Snow Rik says:

    I watched Pro Wrestling as a kid. Later on moved to Muay Thai and nowadays
    mostly watch UFC… Muay Thai can be pretty brutal – I’ve seen a live event

  6. Henry Smolen says:

    I feel like if this guy didn’t have an Australian accent it would be really

  7. AnimalloverAmanda says:

    Was this silvas first loss? Also, thank you for this vid…sometimes
    watching someone do regular stuff is more relaxing!

  8. Danny Howe says:

    Pitch any MMA fighters against me or anybody in my unit and we’ll win 

  9. Esoteric ASMRevolution says:

    I love MMA. Every month in Thailand there are live fights outside the MBK
    building in Bangkok. 

  10. gsonic55 says:

    The only real samurai/action movies I’ve seen are Kill Bill and Yojimbo. 

  11. DarkXypherous - Ghost Of ASMR Plague Doctors says:

    Gotta love silver soap! haha

  12. alback says:

    These kind of videos are the best and give me the best ASMR. I just love
    how it begins in one path and ends somewhere totally different.

  13. Michael Young History says:

    So, it’s the Desolation of Smaug, not decimation. And the female elf was
    not a high elf, like Legolas and the king, but a wood elf. Wood elves are
    known to be more brash and emotional. Anyways, great video!

  14. Emily Russo says:

    Iv been listening to Dimitri for what feels like forever. What has recently
    caught my attention due to a few comments is that.. There seems to be
    absolute silence behind his talking? How is this gone unnoticed.. Kind of
    freaked out now anyone else?? Ily btw 

  15. Kyler Schmor says:

    This may have already been answered…. but where did you find all the
    extra silver soaps? You mentioned in one video you only had one and
    miraculously found a 2nd one and that others were not the same?

  16. ZacDiboll says:

    I wonder how triggering whittling silver soap would be?

  17. TheCatalangamer says:

    amazing tingles

  18. Billy Hager says:

    Dmitri! You said shit lol

  19. PinballCollection says:

    In the Hobbit movie, the dwarves find the old city of Dale that was
    destroyed by Smaug. The older dwarf (I forgot his name) called Dale “The
    Desolation of Smaug”. That’s where the name of the movie comes from.

  20. jack knowles says:

    Love how you talk to us about random stuff like UFC please try to do it
    more often 🙂

  21. BruttallyHonestt says:

    You should receive 15% of all Silver Soap sales!!

  22. carsonm300 says:

    +Calvie audacity identify background noises and remove them

  23. cRAVEtrance says:

    It was only once you said that the originals would not be harmed, that I
    let myself like this :-)

  24. Tannz0rz says:

    You’d enjoy “Outrage”. It’s about the Yakuza and has about the same
    depth-of-story that 13 Assassins does.

  25. heav ybullet says:

    That second fight was crazy, my living room literally went silent for like
    10 minutes.

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