25 comments on “AxiomAcer Player Spotlight: Acer.MMA”

  1. Eric Mollenhour says:

    I love these spotlights. As a casual fan I know the names but these help me
    understand who these people are and in some cases give me a person to root
    for and not just a name.

  2. ChrisTenarium says:

    “I turned round and saw this bald man” He funds you! Lie and say he was a
    6″5 muscular man with hair coming down past his shoulders

  3. yoshi542 says:

    still around, I figure he’s not really playing to be a competitor, but
    spending time with the guys possibly before going to military service?

  4. Joel W says:

    There you have it guys: Incontrol is officially as good as MC and better
    than MMA, perhaps he is the next bonjwa? c:

  5. Ompalompa Lompa says:

    Hey tb, it would be awesome if you could do a player spotlight or Naniwa,
    he’s sure interesting and I think some people would understand him better
    too :)

  6. drchen054 says:

    I hope Ryung and men in general really understand how to embrace their
    looks. To a girl, Daniel Craig’s or Adrian Brody’s face are not
    conventionally attractive. But the way they carry themselves exudes
    masculinity and what they wear really turns heads – sometimes more so than
    “better looking” guys. Noncelebs included! A lot of guys out there don’t
    realize how much masculine attractiveness they have just by being relaxed!
    gl hf out there! 

  7. SolarNuke1 says:

    It was really cool to see Innovation getting along with MMA. I’m such a
    huge fan of axiom acer and John and Genna.

  8. Angelica Reid says:

    mma is such a sweety. I love these video’s you get a real feel for their
    personalities and the dynamics in the house. I love to hear that they are
    living well and comfortable. Go Axiom/Acer!

  9. J2K4U says:

    Love the insight of the team houses and some players. especially MMA in
    this case. thanks for filming, editing and uploading!

  10. QuintemTA says:

    Great video, really nice to see how Koreans are just like everyone else and
    not machines that just plays Starcraft as some assume, but people that
    really put passion and time into a game they love.

  11. Thomas G. says:

    I really enjoy watching these. Though I feel the intro with the axiom
    animation is a little bit too long. Does anyone else feel this way?

  12. Wintertide says:

    “I would like to thank John and Genna for making our life good.” Congrats
    John, you did exactly what you set out to do when you founded the team.

  13. Waylaxed Alax says:

    Awesome. I wish other teams did interviews like this. Out of all the sc2
    teams i watch, axiom is always pushing out the best content and just from
    listening to the players opinions of their own team, It sounds like the
    axiom team house may be the best one around now. Keep up the good work!!!!

  14. 3Sergen says:

    Good Job TB for treating them so well :)

  15. starkiller187 says:

    Who’s Clide?

  16. WarChortle says:

    I liked this one. A lot better than “sleeping is my hobby.”

  17. Altheion says:

    So Axiom and Acer has merged or what?

  18. Zackary Anderson says:

    Oh man he is like the nicest guy alive ! 

  19. Nicolas Masson says:

    Seeing him happy makes me happy :)

  20. fatcatco says:

    I love MMA, he’s awesome, he is probably my favourite Terran of all time,
    and I always cheer for him.

  21. MrTime2Spare says:


  22. Patrick Labrie says:

    Thanks, this was a great spotlight

  23. Neo81aja says:

    MMA so humble, good luck in DH winter. you can win it!!!

  24. MorganVane says:

    I <3 MMA! he's so cool… innovation is cute too, though 😀 

  25. HITTMAN123445 says:


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