25 comments on “BAD BOYS OF MMA!?!?!?”

  1. Outer Heaven says:

    I’m pretty sure you took Gas Station Sushi from one of the recent Church of
    what’s hapenning now podcast.

  2. christo fortune says:

    Renan is the conspiracy MMA guy. Nice!

  3. Sean Sheehan says:


  4. UncleBlazer1 says:

    I really hope Junior doesn’t fight Cain again it’ll just be embarrassing
    for JDS again (not a fan of Cain, just the truth) 

  5. ellomirza says:

    Blood of the innocent LOL
    Gas stations sell sushi? What kind of a moron gets sushi at gas stations? 

  6. HybridDragons says:

    Was really hoping for a Scarface accent when Aldo started talking.

  7. mikhail antonio says:

    i know its been said a million times in the comments section now, but…
    fuck you, tommy cunt hold.

  8. syndawg89 says:

    JDS sounds like Luke Thomas’ impression of donks

  9. Martin Czekala says:

    Jose has spoken English before. When he was on UFC Tonight he spoke a
    little English at the end of his interview.

  10. Mikeztarp says:

    Okay, I recognize Scarface and the whole Nosferatu look, but what/who is
    JDS dressed as?

  11. J. Crow says:

    No NWO parody? Wolf tickets

  12. RoxMeNot says:


  13. Blind Whiskey says:


  14. Benjamin Chang says:

    get better, new shit.

  15. joe hoffman says:

    Question… the video average is about 2minutes… it take 5 hours to
    upload… but i recorded, a 4 minute als movie on my tablet, uploaded to
    youtube, then to facebook in less than an hour.. so my question is,. Whats
    with the fuckery tommy?

  16. Chris Hall says:

    BREAKING NEWS! Chael Sonnen has taken a job on the coaching staff of Novo

  17. warpedsavage says:

    god I love tommy toe old even tho he’s a bitch

  18. noztr263 says:

    Fucking hilarious Tommy keep up the good work.

  19. ezcondition says:

    hillbilly JDS is great.haha

  20. Treasuretrails RS says:

    This show is even better when you’re high!

  21. Huey Esc0Bar says:

    LML juniors hillbilly / steve austin like accent was golden

  22. White sex says:

    barao sounds like mma conspiracy guy

  23. Bornin Arkham says:

    2 former champs, soon to be 3 former champs.

  24. ThePineappleStore says:

    Sorry Tommy Ice Bucket Douche, I had to unsubscribe because you’re a
    Hollywood cock smuggling follower like Ariel Jew Nose Flows Twatwani…

  25. Majestickilla13 says:

    everyone knows the badboys of MMA is the Diaz Brothers 

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