25 comments on “bad boys of mma”

  1. Kartafla says:

    100 people calling you a retard and you don’t even change the title??? You
    really don’t know the difference between BOXING and MMA??? Idiot.

  2. Irwan Karmo says:

    hitting a ref. is a coward not bad a boy, a bad coward boy maybe??

  3. allelbows79 says:

    you fuckin retarded?? this boxing not mma!! 

  4. KravaLLT says:

    bob sapp such a fucking tool

  5. Lyrics Len says:

    Big boy on 1:35 him name ?? 

  6. dillerdiller85 says:

    The dude that made this video is possibly the biggest dumbass ever. Bad ass
    for biting an ear of? MMA? no… It was boxing.. God damn retard

  7. n1mand says:

    0:38 someone in the bakkround….flew into the ring?:D

  8. Patiently WaitingOne says:

    Why is Tyson in this shitty video?

  9. yajo891 says:

    1:27 The dude in the suit is a badass lol

  10. mystery man says:

    mike tyson is from mma and this video proves it. I wonder why the world
    calls him a boxer.

  11. Taha Calypse says:

    @redkiller77 serieu va te pendre.

  12. 2HHB says:

    hit em up, tupac

  13. Hubert Wilson says:

    This is not a Damn Sport , When thats it thats is .. Why give punshes …
    it is hate that involves the game then .

  14. shibuyagto says:

    bob sapp, un gros black de 150kg qui sait pas frapper. Il a un record de

  15. WWE38NRF says:

    C’est pas Mec Tyson mais Mike Tyson!!! : )

  16. amine bou says:

    @NIKOLA6355 tupac hit em up

  17. andrecunha888 says:

    Esses são os caras que mancham o nome do esporte. Vergonha pura

  18. redkiller77 says:

    @jel251 no i didn’t cock sucker

  19. brendo edward says:

    por calsa de gente assim que nosso esporte tem fama de ser tãõ violento

  20. Ariannyishot says:

    @LANPENNER007 incinerate your mom for havin a stinky pussy

  21. cesar sanchez says:

    Not even 20% of this shit is mma, this video is trash

  22. 1Maxwell50 says:

    thats why a fucked yo bitch fat motherfuckar LOL

  23. BouilleurdenfantS says:

    @elliotb92 0:42 elliot is red trunk redkiller is black trunk elliot wants
    to suck a dick but he got his ass kicked 🙂

  24. Ara Iskenderian says:

    violence = macho…my brother he was sooooo macho

  25. rrtodd95 says:

    @Kurplutzo an MMA fighter would wreck any of these kickboxers or boxers.
    YOu can call it hugging but go to a BJJ school and call one of them out if
    you’re so hard.

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