25 comments on “Barao vs. Dillashaw at UFC 173 and GSP Tears ACL on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. AlliedForces says:

    Weidman needs a.pair of knee operations ? like he needs surgery on both
    knees? Or 2 surgeries on one knee?

  2. Crazy4Tediz says:

    we already know GSP is pulling A GIANT DOUCHEBAG move staying on the
    sides until it best suites him.. like Jon jones avoiding GUSTAFSON…..
    FIGHT YOU PUSSY did he ever avenge his MATT SERRA loss? or did someone
    else dethrone serra? someone give me the info

  3. Zahrlavi says:

    Barao via Submission (Flying Cockbar)

  4. Tyranitroll says:

    TJ Dillashaw wins the world title? LOLOLOLOLOL. Good one guys, you almost
    got me there. 

  5. dee aldo says:

    TJ Dillashow vs Barao???lol…….hope that Herb Dean gonna ref again to
    save him from real damage like he saved Faber.

  6. Bruce LeRoy says:

    Dillashaw will win. #USA 

  7. James Peach says:


  8. Edge Snob says:

    Yeah Dillashaw has a chance! Bahahahaha

  9. Alex E says:

    Ramdeen you look like a sack of shit 

  10. Gemini Self Defense says:

    The odds on this fight are going to tell the story. I like and respect
    both fighters, but it seems a little early for TJ.

  11. Joseph Doherty says:

    Wholey Canadians, GSP out again.

  12. Lopata991 says:

    Faber will coach TJ on how to beat Barao…LOL

  13. MultiHinrik says:

    striking is pretty even, wrestling goes to dillashaw and bjj to barao,
    strength is probably barao and speed goes to dillashaw, speed kills
    dillashaw takes it

  14. Travis Bywater says:

    GSP is out for approx 1 year and Anderson Silva is also out for approx
    1 year, both have nothing left to prove in their respective careers so why
    not have them fight each other when they come back 

  15. Isaiah Gouveia says:

    Looks like another excuse for GSP I used to think he was one of the best
    because of will to win but now just a master of bullshit don’t even come I
    say whats the point that dude doesn’t want too fight the best I’m not a GSP
    hater just disappointed fan who notices. 

  16. SkylineOwnz says:

    Barao by knockout

  17. TripleBeamRIII says:

    I just don’t think Dillashaw is ready for Barao. Easy win for Nosferatu.

  18. xxcage223 says:

    This is what I have yelling and screaming at my friend for. The 135
    division has absolutely no contenders left for Barao. The UFC has to
    seriously considered getting Demetrius Johnson to fight him.

  19. rahowhero says:

    team alpha male, is a stupid name, they oughta change it to something less
    desperate as it is 1 step away from team psycho nutty killers, imo

  20. Lopata991 says:

    Barao will murder TJ

  21. HOM3GROWN93 says:

    You cannot count anybody out in a MMA fight ever! A lot of people where
    saying R.I.P Weidman when he fought Silva and look how that turned out.
    Matt Serra knocked out GSP when he was give ZERO chance by anyone. Anything
    can happen at anytime in MMA. 

  22. soniCh22 says:

    I hope GSP has a good and safe recovery he’s Still the best P4P

  23. Awesome McAwesome says:

    Tarec Saffiedine injured, Robbie Lawler in to fight Jake Ellenberger at UFC

  24. bouncingsoul818 says:

    I sorta think GSP is doing all of these things just to stay in the news.
    After he “left” the sport (albeit for 4 months now) he still seems to be
    interviewing and doing quotes just as much if not more than before he
    “left.” Now he injured his ACL while training. GSP didn’t “leave” the sport
    as people keep saying. He knew he lost that fight and didn’t want to do an
    immediate rematch with Hendricks.

    He backs out of the spotlight so to speak, keeps training in the hopes of
    staying healthy, and comes back after a year hiatus. That was his plan. Now
    of course his plan is delayed so to speak. I haven’t been a GSP fan ever
    since that bore fest he put on at UFC100, I think he’s fake, and obviously
    his hiatus from the sport seems little more than a publicity stunt for me
    right now.

    It’s so funny how prior to the Hendricks fight GSP was mentioning how he
    wanted to fight Askren should he sign with the UFC and how he will fight
    whoever they tell him to fight (Aside from his rolling buddy Macdonald).
    Then fighting on PPV wasn’t fun after 5 rounds with Hendricks.

    I’m thinking in reality GSP knew he lost that last fight, and he was
    already content with taking some time off. Then when his hand was raised
    that feeling of needing a break got to a boiling point. Hence the rambled
    statement that seemed to shock his entire corner as well as the world. Then
    after seeing how close that Lawler Hendricks fight was, he saw openings he
    didn’t prior, so he starts training for his “comeback.” I do believe he
    will come back, and he might even prove to still be a great fighter. But I
    do believe his time away from the sport is just a hype tool after being
    mentally broken in that fight.

  25. skyhunter says:

    I really can’t care any less about non-hitters like GSP, jon jones,
    maldonado, jake shields, phil davis, cruz, etc. etc. the list goes on and
    on of fighters who should be EMBARASSED to call themselves a mixed martial

    If you can’t knock me the fuck out with 1 punch….then kick rocks. IF I
    had to fight GSP TOMORROW>…I would sleep like a fucking baby tonight. HE
    is just NOT scary at all.

    Same with BOTH diaz brothers….but despite their lack of power, they are
    entertaining nonetheless. IF you aren’t a hitter, then at least be
    entertaining. OTHERWISE>…get your ass back in school and find another
    career, losers.

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