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  1. Funk Roberts says:

    Hey Yungmarc.
    Thanks for following..This is a workout more for Power, Muscular Endurance, Explosiveness, and of course Strength. If you want to add this in once a week to shock the body then great, but if you want size ands mass, then it’s a different type of training you may want to focus on and of course Nutrition is going to be a MASSIVE part of your gains. Look to Vince Delmonte or Elliot Hulse…They are great

  2. Funk Roberts says:

    I am in Phuket Thailand – Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Academy specifically..Will be heading up to Chiang Mai (wife may be fighting) and then Koh Phi Phi and finally Bangkok


  3. Funk Roberts says:

    Absolutely baby!!

  4. Funk Roberts says:

    Hey Mountman..I think you should start lighter than 135lbs. Especially because YOU CANNOT LET GO OF THE BARBELL..then it’s not a complex. So these are explosive curls not the bodybuilding strict curls, so you should be fine
    I have faith in you

  5. mountnman100 says:

    Awesome!!! But… There’s no way I’m gonna curl 135 pounds for seven reps. You are truly one strong mofo, so am I, just not on that. I will supplement weight for that excercise. I can not thank you enought for this routine. I will add it to my monthly program. Keep up the Funk!!!

  6. JoeTelevisheown says:

    u stay shredded. ! i got to do ur workouts asap lol

  7. twintron4 says:

    Funk, where are you here?

  8. yungmarc09 says:

    Hey funk!!! Ima big fan by the way!!! Got a question for ya!!? I love the way you set up the complex circuit with the barbell. I actually have a barbell and some weights outside in my garage. I’m gonna try this first thing tomorrow. However, If I wanted to gain strength and mass, how often should I do this workout and will I effective hit all of my muscles??? I want to create the best possible home workout with the equipment I have which is just a barbell. Any advice would be greatly appreciate

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