25 comments on “Bareknuckle MMA Fight: Bart Vale vs Mike Bitonio”

  1. Johan Sandberg says:

    hairpulling really? what a faggot good he got beat up!

  2. jonny rock says:

    lol @ rex kwon do pants from napoleon dynamite.

  3. greg gorecki says:

    dirty eye gouging, hair pulling motherfucker so glad he got his neck

  4. Drifter_77 says:

    This reminds me of a bigger brother picking on his little brother. I was
    sure at some point Bart was going to grab Mikes arms and start doing the
    “Why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself” routine.

  5. antisigmaperiestigmeno says:

    man this is some brutal shit right there

  6. tillallareoneluv says:

    What a super mario ref. Hair pulling, eye gouging…shit

  7. ragers66 says:

    Should’ve stayed like this…


    Two men rolling around half naked on the floor is homosexuality.

  9. Rick Anderson says:

    there was no tap…bad call

  10. lastzombiestandinify says:

    nice! lets see how long b4 it’s banned

  11. Panthera Leo says:

    This shit is a true hooligan street fight. A real douche bag fight.
    Allowing head butting….that’s bad shit. Should never be allowed as a
    spectator and/or legal “sport”.
    This shit is just bad, bad, bad. Utterly disgusting. Barbaric. 

  12. Thotchu Thot says:


  13. tony tran says:

    is headbutting frowned upon in this match?

  14. Tech Noir says:

    Wow them headbuts are ruthless!!! Hair pulling is for bitches lmao

  15. SongsOfSeparation says:

    @ .22 secs steve o

  16. martyn tilley says:

    Rio Heroes way better…….watch Rio Heroes 6

  17. mark evans says:

    unless its some drunk ass bad mouthing outside the ring

  18. Mike Miller says:

    Hair pulling is allowed? why the hell wouldn’t you shave it then??

  19. ashleelmb says:

    Wow, headbutting and pulling hair legal? Well this is nice and dirty.

  20. michael83643 says:

    Bait him bait him haha

  21. DH1986 says:

    Not much of a fight. Pretty boring.

  22. || Co-Kane || says:

    This is why I fucking hate grapples… I just want to see some good
    fist/leg contact

  23. Martin Maloney says:

    Bitonio is a Tough bastard. 

  24. shakybones007 says:

    Holy Fuck the Ref is Ceil Peoples, he was reffing in 1995 and still in 2014
    he has no idea about the sport of MMA.

  25. mikekoz68 says:

    I watch a lot of fighting but don’t like this, good thing its gone

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