Bas Rutten talks about Alistair Overeem getting knocked out by Bigfoot & recent road rage incident

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25 comments on “Bas Rutten talks about Alistair Overeem getting knocked out by Bigfoot & recent road rage incident”

  1. Cosmic Dickslinger says:

    Bas is drunk! Lol.

  2. bluesdealer says:

    I always wondered about this. Golden Glory made Overeem into the monster that won the K-1 GP. He needs great fighters pushing him. I’m sure he has legit BJJ and wrestling guys with the Blackzillians, but no one to challenge his kickboxing.

  3. Ollie Putaro says:

    agreed to a point.. but he was gassed in that round and had his face wide opened.. he was in a shitty shape. that’s the bottom line.

  4. LloydChristmas777 says:

    I thought he was just going to hate on Overeem, but turns out he has an excellent analysis of what lead to the lost.

  5. Kenneth Marroquin says:

    he is so drunk haha awesome WAR BAS!

  6. 47Dreadlox says:

    Exactly, if you hate people then you’re a miserable cunt, and if you hate people like Bas and Fedor, than you’re just triple miserable cunt…

  7. ymcmdib says:

    Lol Bas talks the truth.

  8. yourmumsdog says:

    bas is fucking slammed

  9. philtorius says:

    pretty much
    now we get to see cain massacre silva again oh joy..

  10. dojO dRiFTeR says:

    silva isn’t that gd it was fluke winovereem yes was cocky but lets be real if overeem was focused would kick the shit out of big foot so silva won overeem has to climb up

  11. bob carter says:

    Allister Overoid

  12. Kevin kang says:

    bas looks like he just smoked 4 blunts and a couple bong rips.

  13. chrismartinenvy says:

    Lol at how drunk he is. Absolute legend though to be honest

  14. EDungarian says:

    He got injured and the his bicep died as a result I think. Something to that mark.

  15. MrDamTheMan78 says:

    Bas should lay off the cocaine when doing interviews.

  16. PillsKillsKIlls says:

    Bas looks alittle buzzed

  17. Jarrod s says:

    He thought he was anderson silva.

  18. Sydberg says:

    I don’t care how many belts he got. He got off roids now and got his ass whopped by Silva.

  19. Johnny Kreese says:

    He was teh first true modern MMA fighter. First true striker, Bas is a lesson. That road rage incident is hilarious. Took a private with him 9 years ago and the guy has some tricks up his sleeve and you go “Who the hell comes up with a rib cage guard pass”? You SMASH HIS RIB CAGE WITH YOUR KNEE then pass his guard will open RIGHT UP. Freakin love Bas!

  20. whiteboyfromsouth says:

    but still,he got 3 belts.he is the champion like no other is..

  21. Sydberg says:

    “Overeem is popular cause everyone talks about him” Yes in a bad way. Alisteroid Testostereem is a known jerk.

  22. Chemicalpneumonia says:

    whats wrong with his right arm? its so tiny compared?

  23. whiteboyfromsouth says:

    the truth is always hurting if someone has another opinion!

  24. inEarthCEO says:

    Bas is clearly drunk.

  25. inEarthCEO says:

    Never underestimate anyone… Over-confident reem learned this lesson the hard way.

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