25 comments on “Bas Rutten’s Career MMA Fight #22 vs. Jason Delucia”

  1. tHaH4x0r says:

    video and audio get slightly out of synch in the end. In any case, this may
    be my favorite video. Those liver shots are just beautiful.

  2. carnifex2005 says:

    One thing I’ve wondered in these fights, why no mouthguards? I’d guess that
    a shot to the teeth with a palm strike would be almost as dangerous as a

  3. Allwordx says:

    Only curious– why so many open hand strikes versus closed fist? Is it a
    rule then or strategy

  4. cvano003 says:

    Jason Delucia was probably a little shit… He challenged the Gracie’s and
    got his ass kick, keep challenging Bas after getting his ass beat, then
    lied during the fight about punches… What a classy guy!

  5. xHighDeff says:

    isn’t this already uploaded like 7 years ago but called “don’t fuck with
    Bas Rutten”?

  6. Exiphi says:

    What a fucking pussy! Im glad that his liver broke hahah

  7. BarbellStrength says:


  8. Nerijus G. says:

    El Guapo mr. livershot

  9. 970Bryson says:

    You the fucking man Bas

  10. haitianxu says:

    Remember Bas and Jason going at it over this fight on Sherdog. Good times.

  11. EJ Olguin says:

    The good old liver shot…yup

  12. Dan0101010101010 says:

    what a cheating asshole, glad bas dished out the sentencing, 5 liver
    strikes and a life time of humiliation 

  13. Don Barron says:

    If anyone deserved what he got, it was Delucia based on the way he acted in
    this fight. I feel a little bad sometimes for the guys that Bas destroys,
    but not this time.

  14. Angry Kefir Entertainment says:

    Bas, Bas, wir brauchen Bas! ;)

  15. S Lynch says:

    its a shame, Jason made a lot of bad decisions inside and outside the ring.

  16. haru glory says:

    7:17 lesson learned..NEVER GIVE BAS A RED CARD! NEVER! LOL

  17. Adam G. says:

    Don’t piss off Bas.. haha

  18. NiceHatVeton says:

    Messed up audio?

  19. MrIHateUuu says:

    Holy shit. Bas is such a badass. Love watching his fights!

  20. devin schien says:

    hahahah fucking broke his liver hahah

  21. NickChronic01 says:

    Great stuff love watching this ..

  22. Jacob Assman says:

    This fight is definatly a Bas rutten favourite of mine. Love you Bas!
    You’re a legend!

  23. Jasper Paas says:

    Bas = koning, jason bleek geen goede knul met al zijn voodoo partijen. 

  24. Døde Brø says:

    the best thing about bas is his unrivaled calmness.
    maybe those r’s are doing their magic.

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