21 comments on “Bas Rutten’s Career MMA Fight #24 vs. Manabu Yamada”

  1. RicoGio75 says:

    Awh…Bas got lucky.

  2. Benny The Duck says:

    54 second fight in a rematch. Damn.

  3. x666x666x666x4 says:

    Can anyone tell me what bas’ entrance music is here? 

  4. John Bermingham says:

    That entrance music though hahahaha 

  5. dingoleh says:

    Now I know why he normally does not include the fighters entrances when
    showing these fights. I wholeheartedly thank him for that and pray that he
    does not include any of them ever again.

  6. Grimbanks says:

    Yamada seems like a cool dude.

  7. Mike Friedman says:

    Jesus Christ how intimidating is Bas walking out in his black robe, looks
    like the grim reaper.

  8. Connor O'Brien says:

    “So now, I’m vulnerable”

    I cracked up so hard!

  9. Adam B says:

    Just had to put the intro in huh Bas. Loved it

  10. René Jiménez says:

    excellent fight :)

  11. USCBiH12 says:

    That walkout song

  12. Quentin Stratton says:


  13. Stephan Carmignani says:

    You have such a great attitude. Always checking on the other fighter at the
    end of the fight. Wish more “new” fighters would be that respectful.

  14. Peter Sappier says:

    Thanks for the commentary on these. Very entertaining.

  15. chuumey bungarden says:

    Wow Bas, your progression is incredible in these vids. Thanks for posting.
    Can’t wait for the next ones.

  16. Nicola Demartis says:

    i love watch your videos bas i cant wait for the next one it’s like a tv
    series ahahahah

  17. Linda McLitus says:

    good fight

  18. ChillPill365 says:


  19. mantovannni says:

    Wow you were ‘so lucky’. 😛 Great fight.

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