24 comments on “Basic Armbar Submissions Tutorial (No Gi Grappling / MMA)”

  1. Javier K-Fighter. says:

    I wanna tap that!!

  2. Javier K-Fighter. says:

    Armbar me!!!

  3. sexitaliano6 says:

    too hot for him

  4. undyingpain87 says:

    As deadly as she is beautiful..

  5. WolfStronger08 says:

    Tess is very hot!

  6. Daghan Oguzhan says:

    she have sexyy feets 😉

  7. gitssacrules says:

    She can armbar me any day.

  8. Artem Borisovskiy says:

    Well, that was very funny. Just as funny as the other over 9000 sex-related jokes under Micah+Tess videos. Maybe a little bit more or less funny than median joke, approximately by 0.001%

  9. JaxenChaz says:

    Wow, that shin-across-the-throat transition is gnarly! And slick, too. Awesome stuff!

  10. TKeeper94 says:

    That’s true but not every fight is sanctioned…
    say you get attacked, and in the rare event that you end up on the ground (which should always be avoided in a street fight if possible) it would be wise to work on avoiding things like gouges, biting and concealed weapons like knives, razors or even house keys, omitting these possibilities just because it wont happen in a sanctioned fight can have serious consequences

  11. ToLazy4Name says:

    I always did wonder if you were purely a kickboxer or if you also knew some grappling. Good to see that, even though you’re obviously a kickboxer at heart, that you wouldn’t be absolutely clueless if you got into a fight with a grappler.

  12. Andreas Ask says:

    Shes so beautiful. Glad to see some jiu jitsu aswell man. Glad you’re incorporating some grappling into all these amazing kicks and punches. Well done.

  13. zahidur rahman says:

    She is so pretty

  14. mega anand says:

    But she is soooooo HOT!!!!!

  15. Kiron Kabir says:

    It’s nice to see you’re putting up some jiu jitsu on your channel 🙂 great stuff

  16. ElderDarkness says:

    i want her to “practice ” with me LOL

  17. Ziad Imran says:

    I’m pretty sure a few people got a tiny bit horny

  18. SuBZer0lp says:

    don’t tell you had no sex after.

  19. isaac wallace says:

    You can’t bite people in sport fighting….

  20. theAproductions1 says:

    not even kwonkicker dares to mess with tess

  21. Marcin Tarko says:

    this is very sexy tutorial 😀

  22. Kebabkrydda says:

    Thumb up!

  23. SSolid RemedYY says:


  24. SSolid RemedYY says:


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