25 comments on “Basic Top & Bottom Ground Positions Tutorial (No Gi Grappling / MMA)”

  1. haru glory says:

    at 1:00 i know thats missionary position lol just jk xD

  2. arschloch penner says:

    i sweaar he got hard

  3. peacemakerao says:

    I don’t even do jiu-jitsu and I can tell that this woman is very good at what she does. Very knowledgeable, I really respect her, and you too Micah

  4. Endoman76 says:


  5. Александр Пушкин says:

    Мне бы такого тренера! С таким тренером, ни за что не пропустил ни одной тренеровки 😉

  6. Marco Brevi says:

    5:18 YES 

  7. Houmer Japonicik says:

    Like for this video. Happy things goin well for you Kwon

  8. Houmer Japonicik says:

    Damn he lucky motherfucker

  9. Adam Horn says:

    5:19. SUPPERTIME.

  10. Jake De Armas says:

    I love her

  11. grnwasp says:

    Can I be in her closed guard? LOL

  12. grnwasp says:

    Kwon kicker you lucky dog you! Lol I never get to train with women who look like that! Where do YOU hang out? Lol

  13. Jail Time says:

    He fucking haha

  14. Baptiste Noir says:

    Straight to this video, it´s really instructive.

  15. SmURFYBoy100 says:

    I would let her mount me 🙂

  16. 2308Pascal says:

    They did it, its easy to see :)

  17. Alexander Batrakov says:

    No small joint manipulations are not allowed… Else everybody would twist fingers

  18. elchacal31 says:

    I have this doubt, is it legal to do wrist or small joint locks on MMA?

  19. KingKazic says:

    Kwon, I apologize on behalf of these perverse morons. I applaud your tutorials they are very informative. Nice job Tess.

  20. ExtremeGamePlayTV says:

    Soo pretty WTF Kwonkicker you are so fucking lucky rly!

  21. Alfonso Stauntonino says:

    5:15….. Man, I envy you!!! haha

  22. LiPaTutorials says:

    I’m sure after that kwonkicker left the room with a huge ….

  23. Jake Mythest says:

    Why is everyone so perverted? Jeez stop it already!

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