25 comments on “Batman and Robin vs Spider-Man – Full MMA Fight”

  1. Lord Bills says:

    This is how you settle the DC vs Marvel debate.

    +Gotham Guardian and +Dick Grayson((im assuming)) vs +Peter Parker

    Batman and Robin vs Spider-Man – Full MMA Fight

  2. Danny deo says:

    mma fight? batman looks like 90 pounds in full gear.

  3. Mike Algiers says:


  4. TrueWOPR says:

    2:18 When did this become Dark Souls?

  5. flaksin says:

    Damn but its obvious.. Choose Ben Afflek as the new Batman and this is the

  6. mazaisvilijs says:

    very funnyy. Put Hulk in there

  7. imnodog says:

    use the utility belt bats!

  8. Stuart Duncan says:

    Batman could use a sandwich.

  9. Elton Joao says:

    Goku can take on Super Man any day!

  10. Bruce LeRoy says:

    Who’s the guy in Spiderman suit? Dude can really fight. I want to see his
    mma record.

  11. audacityknight says:

    *Batman, I’d expect more ballet dancing from Spiderman, SMH*

  12. M00shu says:

    This video is a bit depressing really. It shows how lame real fighting
    looks when compared to movies and comic books.

  13. brian20011988 says:

    fuck ye this was awesome

  14. Fred Smith says:


    This is why MMA still struggles to be taken seriously.

    And Robin. Well, he should have just made the sandwiches…

  15. Om Nom Nom says:

    Wow. Batman and Robin suck at fighting.

  16. Jarrod Ball says:

    I didn’t realize Batman was a starving Ethiopian 

  17. tenshunn says:

    Nice shot at the end

  18. phoenixsplash135 says:

    This looks kinda fucked up.. like spiderman actually does MMA training and
    Batman and Robin are some dudes they picked up off the street and paid,
    anything with a 2 v 1 seems super sketch

  19. Aaron Redsticks says:

    When kids see this video, there will be more fights in schools.

  20. Zoltan Kelemen says:

    That’s not Batman. That’s Bulimic Man.

  21. Dustin Maynard says:

    Did I just watch the Riddler perform a a textbook takedown on Spiderman??

  22. LoneMantis01 says:

    Riddler has a pretty sweet double leg though.

  23. PsycReaper says:

    because riddler is the best

  24. max gallardo says:

    THEN I realized..if spider man was forced to fight in a plain place like
    this, he’d have no advantages besides his strenght.

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