21 comments on “BCMMA#9 Theo Michailidis Vs. Corrin Eaton – Professional 145lbs Featherweight MMA Contest”

  1. Diego Augusto says:

    come on man, pick your shots. guy wasted his entire gas tank without coming
    close to finish.

  2. evildeadmitch says:

    “I… Am… Impressed by your performance.” -BizAro GSP

  3. PONTOS RODS says:

    Corrin beat thes hit out of of my greek bro, but he had one good Strike and
    won the fight. Nobody can say Theo has a Glas Chin or is a Pussy…and the
    Rverse Ellbow was a full point k.o.

  4. ruthlessandevil says:

    Great scrap lads

  5. Christos Bardas says:

    Thats an amazing comeback KO! 

  6. Fullpowe911 says:


  7. MrHoooover says:

    God awful ref. There where a lot of eye pokes and shots to back of the

  8. Rambow Rap says:

    So bad skills at some times.. Can’t believe it

  9. FoxUnitDelta says:

    Wow. I would have paid top dollar to see that. Two warriors. 

  10. anthony tancredi says:

    That was one of the worst slopfests I’ve ever watched

  11. Zack Zuss says:

    RESPECT to both fighters Wow !!

  12. johndejac73 says:

    two tough SOB’s! great fight.

  13. richfuckable says:

    fast forward to 5 min mark

  14. Dale Eaton says:

    Corrin don’t be disheartened by your first loss this will make you a better

  15. Nutri-Fix - Proud Distributors of Herbalife says:


  16. tak ts says:

    kako epipedo

  17. Азамат Арыстанов says:


  18. ralvarezct says:

    Fun fight from 2 warriors. Both got crazy heart which made up for the
    sloppy techniques. You can’t train that. Gotta love the show of respect at
    the end from both competitors. That’s what Mma is all about.

  19. AwesomeBlueDie says:

    great fight, and great sportsmanship

  20. Two Wheeled Wrecks says:

    Here’s a good fight. Really Rock em Sock em Robots!


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